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Doubt about Awards

Hello everyone, I have been trying to reach the maximum prize in PvP battles for a few days, my question is, how can I unlock the “ELITE AWARD” ?, What kind of dinosaurs should I achieve ?, Can you give me some examples of these.

Reference image.

That is my question, greetings to all, and thank you very much for this great community.

Lv 40 legendaries and above all work. My worst maxed legendary works.

Edit: thought it was modded pvp sorry. You will need something close to lv 30 vip.

Are you sure? I can’t get the elite prize wheel until level 20 Diplosuchus


Ah! … I understand, that explains a lot, I have a Baryonix lvl20, and I only unlock “Expert Prize”, so I must have dinosaurs with event DNA, according to my understanding, right?

Hello @Darktails, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Like @Andy_wan_kenobi showed you, you require very strong creatures to be able to get to the Elite Award.


Oh sorry! I was mistaking it for modded pvp. The only thing that unlocks elite is a lv 30 vip for me.


It’s based on a creature having a certain minimum Ferocity score.

Level 20 Diplosuchus has a Ferocity score of 5314.
Level 20 Ostaposaurus has a Ferocity score of 5306.

The threshold for Elite is somewhere in between


Yes. Perfect example actually.


Somewhere in between? That is an incredible great gap.:wink:


What are you talking about
We’ve got 5307, 5308, …
Pleanty of room


There’s plenty to go around


Explains it all,Diplosuchus makes me proud,it is an amazing creature even at level 10(I have never lost any match using it,except for a really tough battle stage,but I was like less than a hundred health away from killing the last creature,it was a Amargasaurus) . I am at 330 S DNA away from my next,it is a very valuable creature with a incredibly short cooldown.

Quick question : Should I pause maxing Ichthyostega and go for Diplosuchus?

Yes, if you have the SDNA.


Well, you can always get Itchyostega from the Golden Rewards Packs where it has a very high chance,alongside other events for Legendary dinos,but Diplosuchus is far better than Itchyostega,cause, Diplosuchus has half the cooldown,has about 200 more health,around 130 more attack, plus, if you want to have multiples,once you first max Itchyostega,it will take DNA to purchase more,but once Diplosuchus is unlocked,you only have a specific currency(Sarco DNA) for it,so you do not have to worry about DNA when confused between 2 options,another plus is only 660 to purchase a second, and with modded PvP giving 50 S DNA each time you win it in the wheel,it is possible to get multiples,and with the cycle of Sarco DNA active right now another Advantage,so yes.

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Okay! I estimate the creation of my Gen 2 Indominus on precisely 9th August around evening or afternoon, so that’s first priority till Sunday. By next week I’ll probably be having the Diplosuchus at level 10.

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Get that Diplosuchus, it is perfect for tournaments, I am sure it I almost like a VIP creature at level 20 or even better. What are the stats and cooldown of Prestosuchus Level 20? Diplosuchus Level 10 has 1702 health, 716 attack and a 4 hour 14 minutes cooldown

Probably 5310 ferocity

Much better at 20. Similar stats to a Rajastega at lv 20. Or a Mx Carnoraptor with 220 less hp.

Edit: 5314 Ferocity

Yes,i was wondering about the stats and cooldown of Prestosuchus level 20,I guess I will just visit the Dino data spreadsheet.