Doubt regarding the Indominus Rex Gen 2 triple move attack

I am planning to get the Indominus Rex Gen 2 Really Soon,but I have a doubt , I read somewhere that if indominus Rex Gen 2 Goes for Cloak,Mutual Fury,then Armor piercing Rampage,it can deal loads of damage,but if I go for that,by the time my mutual fury is done,the cloak would be finished,so will the extra damage from the cloak still be present,and if I go for mutual fury first,by the time cloak is done will mutual fury still be there ? Will it be possible to pull off the strategy?

Mutual fury first+cloak+apr


MF(50% attack boost, total of 3x damage) and then Cloak(2x Attack boost, total of 6x damage)
Indom Gen 2 has 1600 attack, so that’s a total of 9600(without crit)


What @Manikandan_Mani said. If you do the other way around you just waste your cloak and get damaged in the process.