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Doubts with infinity battle stage

Hey guys I’m currently at level 85 and I have a few doubts, I’ve tried searching but since the post are kind of old something it might changed.

My doubts are the next ones

1- from what level infinity battle starts? I’ve read it was after 90 but it might changed.

2- once you got there how often does this battles takes place? Is it daily, weekly or related to get after an amount of XP.

And finally, how good are the prizes? I’m at level 85 but I could easily get there in a couple of weeks so I was wondering if it was worth it.


Im on my run for level 99



Right now, max level cap is 99. After clearing BS 99, you get the Infinite Stage. Prizes vary from a simple mystery pack to the Legendary Pack. It happens daily.


Thanks! That’s all I wanted to know

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It is always after you reach max park level and complete the battle stage for the max park level.

Over time the max part level is increasing, so it kicks in later and later over time.


Latest video I scored a super rare pack which grabbed me a Super rare hybrid, and I am excited about tomorrow’s…


I’m very excited about tomorrow too.


Wow it’s totally worth it… even with one of this a month is worth it… I’ll try to get there using Park expansions and xp from statues. Doing missions give me very little xp and are such a pain.

I really did read this wrong at first :sweat_smile:


This is only the second legendary pack I have been offered, they are very rare. Typically it is mystery, common, or rare but every once in a while you get lucky. The good thing about these packs is all of them except the mystery pack has a chance at a hybrid in it at the packs level, and they all have DB possibility.

Now I’m really exited about tomorrow!


I now have a common pack waiting.

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