Down 700 trophies WTH?

I’m down 700 trophies and counting. You guys totally screwed up my account. I dropped down an arena and now can’t win a battle. Come on man! I take critical hit after critical hit, after critical hit. My opponents dodge and invincibility work 100% and mine don’t work at all?
NO ONE is that unlucky!
Now I’m up against players with 1000 trophies more than me? So much for being matched against similar trophy counts.

Did you give ludia their money on the weekend? And also Wednesday… You miss a payment, what do you expect would happen?


It also sounds like your fielding your best team… This game doesn’t really work with you fielding your best team anymore. So you have to bench some of those Dino’s that you grinded hard for - try tossing in an l23 procty - oh and don’t forget to boost it! (Boosts available in stores)


I lose about 50-70 and only get about 10 when I win. I can go 8-2 and still lose trophies.

I also dropped from 5200 trophies down to 4600-4700. I even flew back to 4400 once.

Only this game rewards you for putting out a poor team .
So you spend a year getting uniques , building them up and using them in your team . Then along come boosts and those people with legendaries and low level uniques boost them up and wipe out your high level uniques ! You lose loads of trophies , they gain loads . And all your hard work is wasted .
Still , look on the bright side . 1.8 should be up and running tomorrow , and it will all be alright again … mmmmm…or not !



:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::wink: spot on :ok_hand:

Ah yes, the loss vortex. I have encountered it many times

Once stuck in the vortex, dodge fails, you get no crits, no stuns, and draw your weakest team members

Your opponent draws their best four, crits repeatedly, stuns and dodges always.

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Just entered the loss vortex 2 weeks ago…fell from 5300 all the way down to 4700 or so…had unbelievably bad luck and RNG go against me…took me 2 weeks to get back up to 5275 (just today)…

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I had a horrible long loosing streak myself tonight. Since I quit keeping up with my daily incubators and didn’t PvP much the last couple weeks and of course I’m not going to spend real money on a game as vain as this to buy boosts. But anyway. I managed to get a bot so I could get an incubator and then a couple games later, finally beat a real person… just wanted another bot though.

I really wish they would automatically give us a bot after 2 losses like in the lower arenas even if they don’t give trophy’s. I just want an incubator or two.

I look at the people I battle, not sure why, but I do. The higher the trophy count, the lower the team level. It is bass ackwards and unsure if it will ever be fixed. So many have had their trophy count diminish due to the whole algorithm. Trophy count no longer represents what it used to which was a ton of hard work. It is what it is now and the game still has a lot of fun features. Making team changes is what it takes. Hold on to acquired boosts, no rush in allocating them. Good luck!


As stated before, field a mediocre team with some boosts and you’ll be in t500 before you know it.

It works, its what the game is for now. I use it as an opportunity to play around with different dinos. Stick in a 23-25 legendary you haven’t used for a while and try and have fun.

If I field my 1.6 t200 team I lose 20 on the bounce and will get to Lockwood if I keep going. If I field tyrannolopho, mono Stego, blue etc @24-26 range I win back to 5300 range. Crazy but heyho