Down the ladder I go!

I need help friends! The past few days I’ve been on the worst losing streak ever. I was hovering around 3900-4100 trophies for a couple months but now I’m lower 3700s. Dinos are all legendaries between 18-20 and a 21 Indor.
Is the game just becoming more competitive and now 18-20s are normal for 3700 range??

Well without updates and progression for further dinos then generally over time more and more people will unlock the legendaries and uniques and start to catch up, particularly when the higher you go with dinos the more coins and dna it costs, during the time it takes you to get them others have progressed a little closer.

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Yeah I do have to admit I have been hunting less and less so the progression of my dinos is slower than when I started

“Dinos are all legendaries between 18-20 and a 21 Indor.”

The fact that all your dinos are legendaries, does not necessarily make a good team… I have 4 benched legendaries and playing with 2 commons, 2 epics and 4 legendaries. Am sitting comfortably at around 4,500.


What commons are you using?

A level 25 Allosaurus and a level 22 Tanycolagreus! :slight_smile:

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Im getting ready to fall as well, just on purpose. I need irritator bad and in the higher level arenas the dna is really polluted with 30 other dinos dna, so I never see any irritator.

i figure ill just equip a team of level 1 and 2 dinos and just lose every match for a couple of days straight.

Im not going to be “nice” when I get down there either… :sunglasses:

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I have like 26k tany saved and I’ve thought about leveling her up and adding her but I’m worri d they are gonna make a hybrid out of her and I will regret using the dna! But she is a beast no doubt!!

I see where you’re coming from. I was saving my Allosaurus DNA to fuse Allosinosaurus, but could not get a hold of Sinoceratops, so started leveling him. Has really helped in a lot of situations, particularly against shield-wielding tanks…

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I’d say the chemistry of your line-up needs to work. 2-3 Tanks, 1-3 Speeders, ~2 Tank busters;
I’d recommend Nullifyers and creatures with Immunity. If some can play several parts: even better!

Suchotator works greatly in the current Meta. Mine is at Level 20 and took down several Indoraptors so far.

Also it’d be a good idea to have a high level DOT user since they’re going to own the next Meta.


I’ve literally been going though the same thing! I’ve lost 13 battles in a row! All against op teams that all seem to get 2-3 critical hits per Dino they use. And I was on the same amount of trophies as you! Seems weirdly suspicious as I’m pretty happy with the team I’ve got so far.

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Can you post your team and top tiers of your bench? I was stuck in the 3900-4100 range for ages but am now approaching 4500.

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I’ve got tons of suchimimus dna…I started leveling suchitator last week for the epic strike event. Maybe should be a staple on my team?

This is what I’m working with right now

ARGHH! that’s who you are, I always fight someone with a 25 allo :sob:

I’d change Tryostronix out for Postimetrodon or Indominus. In my opinion Tryo get’s useful only when it has one of the highest levels within your team.

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I would be tempted to put Monostegotops in for Raja (not sure what level it is though - can’t quite see) but another nullifier would be useful and Raja is a bit low level compared with the rest. I would also question Tryostronix role but it depends what else you have and how you find it.

I think I’m gonna do posti. I have a serious love/hate relationship with RNG and Indoms cloak seems to fail more often that not. I do love postis move set, just gotta level her up.

She’s a 17. I stopped leveling her when I got mimus.