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Downgraded daily rewards

Did they remove a lot of the daily task dinobuck rewards with this last patch? I thought if you completed both an aquatic and Cenozoic PVP with 3 different dinosaurs you got bucks as part of the reward, one 50 and one 60 or something like that. I also though you got bucks for opening card packs. Is anyone else still getting those rewards or did they never exist and being cooped up has finally gotten to me? Thanks.


Just curious what level you are in the park? If you just moved up a step, or are below level 90, the daily mission rewards may have changed back to offering XP for level advancement.


What @Potato states up above is most likely what you are experiencing, until you max out your exp bar (reach level 90 and fill the bar) half of your daily rewards will be experience instead of resources. The reset after you fill your exp bar it should switch back.

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That makes sense. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it changes back after I hit 90. Many thanks for the replies.

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