Have given up. Due to the amount of cheating in the Sorna Marsh level it only makes sense to drop down to the lower levels. Sucks, but no other way that I can see to deal with the rampant hacking going on. I am sure some of it is due to the ‘tournament,’ About done with this game…

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Tournament time can be quite annoying.
Can you give examples of the hacking?

It’s pretty much others that have been downgrading. Honestly I am seeing less true hacking than I had before - no multiple same dinos at least. These are just VERY overleveled for where they are. Not an issue, I’ll just drop down to another level. I do apologize for all those who have to wait for the default response though…

So - here is one… Just fought someone who I got down to 0 (zero) when they switched out for another dino. Even at zero, the dino did not die… So over JWA.

Rampant hacking…I have my doubts.

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Apparently zero is possible - health is displayed as an integer (no decimal places) but calculated as a floating point number (with decimal places) - so between 0 and 0.5 you can still be alive even if it shows 0.

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I “downgrade” all the time because you receive specific dinos in your incubators depending on what arena you are in. Generally speaking we do not get a good selection of dinos on the map to hunt so that is the only way to get them. It’s not cheating, its smart.

Just remember that the specific Dinos you get are pooled together with all the other arena Dinos from all previous tiers as well! (Unless you are still in arena 1 in which case what you see is what you get!).

I also heard someone that dinosaurs from upper tiers that you have previously been in are added into the list of possibilities too! (Though I cannot confirm this 100%)!

How can a dinosaur be left with 0.5 damage left? even if its displayed as 0 (I used to be a programmer so know how floats and ints and such) our dinosaurs cant do damage that isn’t a whole number =/

Some damages are percentages which can leave you with fractions - as I understand it (could be wrong :smile: )

I know that is how it is supposed to work but I have only ever received parasaurolophus and monolophosaurus is at badlands, I know it is not very fair, but they do not populate on my map, so thats what I have to do to get them. Untill the game changes where I see more than iguana and dracorex gen 2 almost exclusively I will keep fighting in the arenas that provide me the dinos that I need to make dinos that will be competitive when I do go trophy hunting. The simple fix to this would be rotating area spawns every week ot two so that we get a variety.


Id love to have rotating Dino locations, but I may be a little bias since my beloved Raptors have now been replaced by an influx of Iguanodons. I also find it funny that one of the most useless (currently) dinosaur (other then Lythronax) has the word “Guano” in it LOL. Which is bat poop >.<!

I’ve been in it for months and have NEVER made it above 3200. I feel your pain and frustration.


I seem permanently stuck between 3000 and 3200. I did downgrade myself back to the Lockdown a couple times just for a change of scenery and more fair fights.


I am normally around 3500-3800, but my incubator loot was laughable at best and you can only go so far with high level trash. So if the game won’t give me good incubator dinos, I’ll go to a level where I get something I want/need. So far, out of all the arenas, badlands has been giving me usable dinos for hybrids. I was tired of regularly facing dinos that I have never even seen before with my stegosaurus, raptor and t rex, and I refuse to pay outrageous fees for in game purchases of “epic” incubators. The next step was to just stop playing and find another game to play while my gf and I go for walks, which is why we started playing in the first place.


I have actually been enjoying the game MORE since I stopped buying anything in game, not even level up offers anymore!

Stopped buying coins too coz I found that when it takes me a few days to save up the coins to level up a single dinosaur, it feels more rewarding (and cheaper on the wallet too :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Plus we are only cheating ourselves out of the games longevity by paying to level/win :wink:


Yeah, not rampant hacking, sorry if what I said came across that way. Just seeing lots of people/bots with crazy overpowered dinos at the lowest levels, so looks like a lot of people are dropping down.

All I ever seem to get from Sorna Marsh is Stygimoloch anyway. Out of probably over 100 containers (been there for over a month) I got 1 T-Rex card.

I stopped paying money, and decided to drop three arenas. I was in Ruins.
The game is much better this way.
I get to experiment with lower level/odd/useless dinos, don’t really care if I win or lose because I can win whenever I need an incubator.
For your own sake, never EVER say that people can cheat in this game. There are only bots and visual glitches, no cheats. It’s all easily explained with those two things…oh, and that you weren’t really paying attention/don’t know how the game mechanics work.
Remember: there is no dedicated place for JWA cheaters to share cheats.

Thanks for the reply and advice Jonny. Yes, it is very possible that what I am seeing is game glitches. Have seen multiples of the same dino (lots of people have), have fought against people/bots with 5 dinos on their team, and last night had someone switch out a dino that was at 0 health. I don’t think these things are game mechanic issues, but could easily be bugs like the freezing that happens with invincibility and stun at times.

Yeah, I dropped my VIP account last night and then dropped down into badlands. Figure I will farm there. Not worth stressing over a silly game.