Download new Version of Jurassic World Alive?


I just opened my game and now I am prompted to download a new version of the app.
Anything new planned after 1.3 release (I already downloaded the 1.3 version few days back)?


Went from 1.3.11 to 1.3.15


Update is 150 mb it seems


53Mb for Android. Notes doesn’t say what new they have added but just repeats the old 1.3 stuff.


For some reason mine had 150mb, really odd (I am on Android too)


Is anybody’s saying you need to update, but I already did? I restarted my phone, the app, everything. Is there a fix for this?


Mine works fine post downloading the update from Android Store.


You need to do a manual update, from the appstore or google play (depending on your device), it will not trigger automatically


I had 150mb followed by 76. No idea since everything looks the same…


Well it hasn’t fixed the blank map issue still so no idea. Most likely bug fixes.


Yeah, I’ve checked the App Store and there is no button for “update”, it omg says “open”. I don’t understand how I can update this without having an option to.


when it did that to me a while back, I restarted my phone and it seemed to allow me to function again.

I did just get forced to update just as I was about to leave my wifi and go out in the world… so I stayed close to wifi… and hoped the Epic that spawned would still be there after the update… and it was.


My app keeps on getting glitchy post update, and restarting itself :crazy_face:


This is the second time I restarted my phone, and it still says to update even though there is no option to update. I think I might let it sit for a while. It worked for another game I had that did his once, so maybe it will work for this.


still error code: 10058

just change from 18/22 to 10058…

i paid a lot for incubators and vip, so what? receiving tons of useless genes and bugs…


Mine updated today without an issue (android).
The other day though I would get an installation error every time after downloading the 200mb, did it 3 times and I was on mobile data… after that I uninstalled, installed from scratch and it worked. Hope that helps others!