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Doyarajasaurus or Dontyarajasaurus?

Hey folks,

I think about adding Dioraja to my team.
Is it any good? Should i use a 4 tank?
Is Dio endgame ready/worth?

@Idgt902 sorry to take your time, but you are the only top player i know with Dioraja at 30.

I would swap Indoraptor (sadly i think she isnt worth the gold and time anymore).
Dio is level 23 no boosts.

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Thx for reading

Dio is very good. And a great addition under boosts 2.0 as it’s main focus to start is only one stat. Health is basically the only initial need followed by att. It’s a great dino for chipping away hp from the opponent and can be used to take priority from others before death. Also works good for the surprise takedown when the opponents hp is less then your base.


I would not hesitate to swap Indo for Dio.
Precise shattering counter is a versatile and powerful move that can be utilized straight up, or as a nasty surprise swap in. Sometimes you get a few seconds pause from your opponent when a heavily armored dino takes full damage from it.
(I favor damage over health boosts for him though)


Dio is really good, personally I would use diorajasaur since it’s a great raptor dealer since it has that superiority strike and armor, even though it may have low DMG, it’s a incredibly strong Dino to have and use. I’d personally take out utarinex or tenontorex for diorajasaur, I’d keep indo on due to the buff on evasion and it’s immune to distraction and stuns. Either rinex or tenonto to go but I think tenonto is a better option due to more hp, attack, a higher crit and superiority strike.


Dioraja is one of my favorites. Personally, I would consider swapping Rinex or Tenonto for it. That counter comes up clutch when your opponent doesn’t expect it. Time your swap in well, and chip away with the counters.

Very solid team agree with what’s said above to add dio for indo. Doesn’t need speed at all pretty much guaranteed to chip health away and set up your next Dino. IDGT explained well.