DPG official site link and adopt-a-dino


For those who don’t already know, Claire has set up an official webpage for the Dinosaur Protection Group here:

And once there, show your support by adopting a dino! I did.


Speed buff for T- rex, please
Official Q&A thread of DPG's Paleontology Center
[News] Jurassic World Alive | Migrations & Sightings

I’ve done my part.


Show your support for the endangered animals of Isla Nublar today!*

Would you like to know more?

*Adoption does not guarantee citizenship.

I couldn’t resist. :rofl:


We don’t. Talk. About. Starship Troopers.


Paul Verhoeven should rot in the dankest circle of hell for ruining a great Heinlein novel.


What about the TV series? I haven’t actually read the books but I’ve seen both the films and the TV series and I’ve been told it was more faithful to the books. Though I will admit to being a fan of the first film. The other two, meh. They pass the time.


I’ve read the book. The movie and TV show were nothing like what Heinlein wrote.


There was only one Starship Troopers novel, written by Robert Heinlein. Any others out there are based on the film or TV series, and have nothing to do with the original work.








Rockin’ with the Rex! Good choice!



Good choice, Katja!

Come on, guys! Let’s see how many people we can get on the bandwagon!




Giving some love to the big sauropods! Good one!


No Quetzalcoatlus, so…



That’s 2 so far for Bowie the Baryonyx!! Keep 'em coming, gang!!



All hail the Queen!


Rex and Bowie: 2-2. Score is tied. Let’s go, people!




yeah, that’s why I wanted to talk about brachiosaurus on the Q&A thread


That’s cool. I think I can whip something up in the next few days.