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Dr Vile Error? Bug?

So, while discussing Dr Vile, a lot of people have noticed that paying the final gem option of telling him “I love you” gave different results. Some people got an extra scene with a drone coming in, while some people just got dumped by him and told we were a danger to his work.

So what’s the deal? Is this a glitch? Is that a different conversation path? Did we really waste gems for nothing? To be dumped? Or was that drone scene a special scene for something else? I’m just confused.

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Sounds like a glitch. I didn’t pay gems and got dumped, so it sounds like that is supposed to be the free option.

Unless maybe it depends on your earlier choices during dates?

I sabotaged his eggplant heist and was only the lookout on his LHC heist, and he cited both of those as reasons for me being in the way. Maybe you have to help him do a certain number of things to get the extra scene?

I don’t think they’ve gone so deep with this particular storyline that they created different routes depending one what you did on previous dates. I’ve done every gem option with him anyway. I just find it weird that this particular gem option suddenly gave people two different routes.

Telling him I loved him was free for me I think if I remember right but I was so heartbroken and shocked I didn’t let the drone in and kinda regret it.

I’ve done every gem option with him and got dumped after the I love you response… just seemed like a heck of a lot of the conversation was skipped and made no sense.
As for the drone I didnt get that version of the story either, was it something to do with him acknowledging the leveling up before he said goodbye ??

I actually leveled up before being dumped and got a little trip to a private island that he created so I don’t think it has to do with leveling up. Honestly I hope he comes back eventually saying something like that he lost all inspiration and everything after doing the dumping. Honestly I actually think he’s just afraid of love. I think he mentioned feeling things he’s never felt before really or something like that if I remember right.

I also lvl’d up and he mentioned about celebrating it but then it skipped to the being dumped part so wondered if maybe it was a glitch and would be rectified, or are all those who missed out on the bonus scenes with the island and the drone just going to have to face the fact they wont get to play them?

It would definitely stink if a lot of people missed out on the island vacation especially seeing a shirtless hot Dr. Vile. I wish I’d taken screenshots of it. The vacation also revealed a bit more of his personality too if I remember right. A little bit of the vacation is why I was so shocked at getting dumped. Bit of a spoiler but who names a island after someone than dumps them…He seemed so happy on the island.

The drone part apparently happened to some people after they told him they love him. I didn’t want to read the scene because I’d like for experience it for myself, but from what I gather, you’re in a scene and hear a tap at the window. You have the option of letting the drone at the window in or leaving the window closed. If you let it in, it’s Vile expressing his feelings in return and apparently this ending is more sad. Not as angry and abrupt as the one I got. I’m just confused as to how some people got that after telling him they love him while some didn’t. People who took the same route.

I don’t think they’ll miss the island date, because they always slip in level up conversations. So that one is inevitable. It seems like the drone scene, however, is something that happens after telling him you love him. But for some people, that didn’t happen, and instead got dumped quite abruptly.

I was so bummed after I spent my last gems to tell him I love him and he just yeeted me out of existence with his words :confused: like did I really pay to suffer? I hope that they fix this and I can somehow “replay” the last bit with the drones.

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In an earlier post it was mentioned that some people didnt get to play certain scenes with Dr Vile, (namely the drone scene content of the story and the date scene) where as others did, so can someone at Ludia please answer as to whether those of us who didnt get those parts of the story will have this rectified or did we simply spend gems to miss out!

Hey there, IAmNotNicole. I’m sorry to hear that your ending with Dr. Vile ended the way it did. :sweat:

His final decision is also based on the previous choices you’ve made throughout the conversation with him as well, so there might be some differences between endings.

Ooh. I actually like the fact that choices make a difference in how your story plays out… :thinking:

Can I just ask what is ment by that statement as I’m a tad confused… I for one, chose all gem options , helped with his heists instead of taking a back seat so to speak, did everything to play his story thus far in full yet I was unable to gain access to these scenes. Why?

What scenes? The island one is unlocked after your relationship hits a certain level and I think the drone scene depends on if you let it in or ignore it.

I’d lvl’d up but didnt get the date scene and after choosing the "I love you " option there was no drone, which is the reason for my questions, I did everything the story required but got the short sharp ending.