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Dr Vile thought

Just had this crazy idea and I’m probably totally wrong, but … what if Dr Vile isn’t a human but an AI being controlled by a human? :scream:
If nothing else I think it would make a fun plot twist. :grin:


It isn’t far out there given Vile’s speech patterns but he could be an AI just striking out on his own. It’s hard to tell right now though, and especially with the letter we get after the first heist. Heck, he could be from another world like some Marvel anti-hero for all we know :rofl:

I am also interested in who sent the letter. All we have to go on is the letter F, and there’s only one person I’ve seen who is similar to Vile with the initials F. Just a theory though :upside_down_face:

like ruby/ana/milena?

I guess. I haven’t played their routes so idk about them.

spoilers ahead
theyre the only 3 that share the exact same storyline. im not sure why there had to be 3. kind of annoying.
they end up being an a.i. system created by lovelink

I’m kinda wondering if the mysterious F is a certain femme fatale I keep seeing popping up in matches not yet available.
Would be great if we could match with F and play both sides of the story then be given the option to chose the one who’s side we wish to be on to help take over the world!
I think Ludia has bought out my evil genius side i didnt know I had🤣
I played Milena’s story and from what i remember ( its been that long and to be honest was only a gem grind) she seemed aware from early in in the convo with MC that she was nothing more than a computer programme … but yes I have to agree 3 does seem a little extreme if they all follow the same storyline.

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milena/ana/ruby depending which you matched with are aware they are a computer and are gaining supeerier inteligence. i agree. that ridiculous storyline is a gem grind. nothing else
(apologize 4 spelling. the person that helps me is asleep)