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Draceratops boost? Damage age %

If we boost draceratops damage will it do more than 40%???

No, it’s a flat %40

Same as bleeding and rending, it is a fixed amount of the opponent’s health. If you don’t want to do the math to figure out whether or not you can take it out instantly, make sure the health is lower than the number inside the bar. I. E. If opponent has 1200hp and the health bar is empty behind the number 1, or leaning against the 1, you can take it out directly.

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Until armor comes into play, then it becomes


Yeah… that would be great. Thank someone in charge (?) its not like that (anymore) :pray:

Guess that was too religious :man_shrugging:
But yeah, Draco always does fixed damage now, so I have quite a bit of armored creatures to handle that little Rat.


You can no longer boost Draco’s damage to perform swap in one shots anymore, and the game is better for it as a result.


Your not ratting you way out of this. Oh and now thanks to some of the new stuff in 1.12. The Rat is even weaker. Some things prevent it from swapping out without even having to make a move. Others heal when you swap the rat in and can have more health after you rat them than before you sent the rat in.

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