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Draco Exploit Makes Me Want To Quit Playing


I know this topic has been posted before but this has made JWA gameplay horrible. I’m ready to just quit playing until this is fixed. I can deal with the Bleeders buff (though annoying) from last update, but there should not be SIA that you cannot counter with Draco. It’s getting abused left and right now as more people add Draco to their team (i.e. if you can’t beat em, join em mentality). I could deal with the occasional BS with last round Draco SIA BS, but it has gotten out of hand with an increased number of players exploiting the SIA from Draco.


Heh - I got nailed in a battle earlier with diloracheirus’ rampage and run - which then swapped to a draco G2 with its rampage swap in. 2 RAMPAGE HITS IN ONE TURN!

Balance indeed.


The exploit that gets my goat is the swap in “there goes your shield/inv/cloak” bug.

How is that still a thing?


The only counter is to do a simultaneous swap to a faster dino with a SIA attack also. So then your swapped in dino hits Draco2 first.


Which does nothing lol

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Sprecty is right.


Sounds like my deck, If your are around 3200-3500…


Pretty sure that one was fixed.


How do you feel about the tryko exploit, the dilorach exploit, the indoraptor exploit and the utarinex exploit?

I think I just found a new exploit: you can exploit the forums to call any recently buffed or even just meta-relevant dino an exploit and exploitingly exploit the exploit out of it.


This bug?


I see no bug. A shield lasts for 2 actions, whether it is a hit or a swap. A slower dino dying also counts as an action btw.

In 1.4 if you swapped to an SIA dino, you would remove 2 ticks off a shield/evasive instead of just 1. That was the bug.


I see, didnt realize it was that specific. The counter attack takes place after the action then?


At the risk of repeating myself having a DG2 carries penalties as well … it’s not a miracle win all scenarios tool … it compromises other creatures hit and run moves, it takes a slot when it’s one trick pony attack may be useless with the run of play, etc etc … Stegodeus had the upper hand in most scenarios before it’s nerf … Draco doesn’t …

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So just because someone flags a post, it stays hidden even if there’s nothing against community guidelines? Feel like I’m missing something, or has not having a sense of humor always been valid justification for getting posts flagged and hidden?


Nerf nerf nerf.
Nerf the dodges and crits, too.

I say, nerf the nerfing nerfs.

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I also co sign the nerf the nerfs petition.


You don’t need to nerf the dodges, crits, cloak, etc.

If someone opens with a bleeder, you know you can counter with immunity.

If someone opens with a cloaker/dodge, you know you can counter with nullify.

The issue is with Draco, there’s no counter and it’s beyond annoying when people use it at the end of the match. There’s no counter even if you anticipate it and try a priority strike/stun. It’s broken and needs to go or get fixed ASAP. It’s ruining the gameplay.

The exploit reminds me of C&C and other RTS games where people started taking advantage of exploits that ruined the game. The old “pack engineers into a humvee, and sneak into base to control/sell all structures” exploit is what ruined C&C gameplay after awhile. I see the same thing happening with the Draco exploit and how more and more people are now using it. IMHO, it’s not in the spirit of PvP gameplay.


Cheapest dino in the game! It’s not skill or anything, basically you level it high and hope it gets out in your 4 chosen… Had a match won, Thor had around 2k health left and Bam this tiny little thing pops in a 1 shot dead… It would be understandable if they out the move on a powerful, hard to get unique. But now everyone is taking out a great meta dino for this common… It’s worse than Tany…

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I didn’t join it, I countered it. I’ve got two swap in stuns on my team now for when I know someone is trying to do this crap to me.
Hasn’t failed me yet.


Yes, but you knew he had it and was using it. I’m referring how it’s being used at end of match with no way to counter. If you know he has it, it’s easier to counter. But there’s no way to counter blindly at the end.

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