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Draco G2 Nerf


So they nerfed him the way they should (2 turn lockdown), but they did not change his stats in the description. Imagine my surprise when I put this little pest into play - lol. That’s fine, I always felt bad playing him, now I can take him off of my team - hopefully he is laid to rest. Can replace him with Procera, which looks like it may be just as annoying :wink:


It’s sad to say good bye :wink:

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Actually did. Only added him because I got so frustrated getting nailed by him time and time again. Glad to get him off the team. Hopefully he leaves other teams as well now.

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Following up on this… Has anyone put Draco on their team now? Seems more playable.


Dracoceratops is fantastic if you use her properly is all I’m going to say.


Seems like with the new kit she would be even better. Have been holding off of leveling, but looks like it might be worth doing now.


So I have Dracorex Gen 2 lvl 17 and Dracoceratops lvl 16, very close to lvl 17.

Looking at them closely am I right in thinking that if I want one of them on my team it makes sense for it to be Dracoceratops as it has everything Dracorex has plus more?


I like it; L21 bumped a L23 Tuora from the team (for now)


I just swapped my equal lvl 20 dracocera in lol this thing is so much more fun than Draco g2. Can actually do more than just sia excellent staller for letting things bleed out! And can do swapout 2nd turn after using heal and cleanse first turn. Watching this guy’s little custom rampage animation getting me pumped!!!


So why are you using dracocera now? Need a cheap win? :wink:


Dracorex gen 2 wasn’t nerfed. It was given an appropriate lock down for its highest levels. At its higher and highest levels it lived long enough to do its swap attack.

Dracoceratops has become a beast.

I don’t use dracorex gen2 right now because he is too far below my teams level and at the ripe age of 15 he is too fragile.

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Cheap win is dodge then rampage against anything(sorry Indo) sia different! takes brains & skillz to win with style!


I hope you’re being sarcastic. Having in mind you said you felt bad for using dg2


The extra turn lock nerfs him, he can be used once now before dying. That said I 100% agree it was the right thing for Ludia to do. Will be leveling Dracoceratops now, which has a much more interesting kit.


its hilarious how draco2 users think an unstoppable (aside from pre-cloaked) swap-in shattering rampage is some sort of brilliant strategic wizardry :joy:

like it’s some dino exclusive to them and not just some button mashing moron dino that we could all use if we chose to :rofl:

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Funny how non Draco users think that using critical hits and random cloaks counts as thier skill an strategy.

A strategy is a plan of attack and game play.

Did it take an einsteinian rocket surgin to come up with nope.

Is it a very effective use of a tool provided… Yup

It’s a hammer move… Heavy and dull…

But please try and break concrete with out one.

And please drive a framing nail with one hit with out going over 12 oz hammer.

Obviously it was effective every one higher up complained


They nerfed its attack. 600+ down to 500