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Draco swap-in = no technique

This is lame that’s all I know I’m so tempted to put one on the team but I dont want such a cheap victory I like having to use real skill and technique


you mean RNG? :smiley:


When imposing weird rules on yourself is preventing you from winning matches, you should probably just play the game as intended. Sure I could play Monopoly and not allow “cheap” get out of jail free cards that are randomly drawn – forcing myself instead to always roll doubles because it’s “more fair” but… the game was built to incorporate swap-in actions. Not using them because you feel they are cheap is only hurting yourself.

It’s perfectly easy to make someone pay for using swap in dinos like Dracoceratops and Dracorex Gen 2. They’re borrowing a turn now and they’ll give that turn back to you when they swap out or let that poor little guy die by your next dinosaur.


Sure’s it’s a technique… it’s not a good one, but it’s not “no” technique.

@MNBrian, I’m curious… do you use it?

I have no problem when an opponent uses it early in the match, but it’s when your victory is all but secured and they use it to take out your last dino. It really takes the wind out of your sails and makes me just want to turn the game off. Why should I have to play every match where I need to swap out when my last dino gets to ~2000 hp just in case, when it wouldn’t make any sense to do so otherwise? That seems to be the only strategical defense for that situation, and it’s not a good one, considering they may not even have it, and then you’ve just thrown away a victory.


Yep. And I’ll tell you how i fight against it late in a match. I don’t play the game the same way since Swap in DSR was used. I hardly ever trade to 2-2 JUST in case someone is going to swap in.

Let me explain - everyone will have to swap 1 time during a match to utilize 4 dinosaurs. Prior to DG2, matches often went like this

I lose one. You lose one
I lose my second. You lose your second.
I bring my third to near death, then swap. You bring your third to near death, then swap.
One of us wins.

But now that DG2 exists, I’ve moved my one guaranteed have-to-do-it swap to right after I lost one dino or before I’ve lost any at all. Why? Because a DG2 or Dracoceratops user has only 3 USABLE dinosaurs. So they MUST use a swap in if the match looks like this.

I lose one. They lose one. (I have 3 left. They have 2)
I get close to losing 2, then swap. My third dino takes out their second. (I’m up 2-1 and they have 1 usable dino left).
My third damaged dino will lose to theirs, but I’ll take a lot off the top. I may swap AGAIN here to extend the game if they don’t swap in on me at the obvious spot (When i’ve got something like 1 hit left). Now they have 1 badly damaged dino, and one swap in DSR, but they need to kill me twice.
See, by swapping twice, their only option is swap in kill – swap out to a badly damaged dino which i will get a free hit on adn likely kill, and they lose.

You see, extending a game is the WORST thing for a DC and DG2 owner. The absolute worst. And whether htey have it or not, playing your match with your one guaranteed must-use-it swap happening early rather than late ensures that you’ll see that DG2 or DC before they WANT to show it to you.

My point is this: Whether you have it or not, you’re swapping at minimum 1 time in a game. All I do to protect myself is use my swap early. If they have 4 healthy dinos, they still need to swap too at some point. Swapping early or late doesn’t matter. We’re trading swaps. But gone are the days of trading to a 2-2 game and feeling “safe” about what you know is coming.

Don’t trade. Extend. Make the match go to the fourth dino and you’ll figure out then whether they even have a fourth dino or not.


Great explanation @MNBrian,

I’m in the Aviary and everyone has a DC or DG2 and you can start to tell who can strategically use them and who just puts them on blast.

As the game evolves people are changing they way they battle and as a DC user I’ve had many times where I haven’t had to use my DC at the end, or they other team has put me in a corner where DC wont even win me a match. I’ve about 50/50 had it be a liability or a saver.


Thank you! You just gotta look at the best and worst case scenario for a Dg2 or DC user.

They want a 2-2 game because then they get to use their 3rd dino plus an unexpected swap to win. Or they want a 2-1 game where they are up and you thought you were trading so they can make you chase their third dino while you swap in for the kill.

Skill? In an RNG heavy game?

lol it makes me laugh how people say they don’t want to put it on their team because they want to use real skill and techniques. It is real, get with the programme.


I added Dracocera to my team yesterday and I’m not a fan of the move for either one, but it’s a game option and not having it seemed to be taking a toll. There is definitely strategy to using either one but I’d say they give an edge…slight edge yes, but still an edge.

I’ll use what’s necessary in the game and adapt as updates change things up more. #dont like the rat #gonna use it away


I don’t even know you anymore…

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As a side note… when you do get into the higher arenas and everyone is using it… you end up living and dying by the rat… you might get in your kill shot one battle, but you’re also going to get yours the next.


It really is an edge - it’s like adding a single move (swap in DSR) to every other dinosaur you have on your squad.

You know why dinosaurs with 4 moves are usually much harder to beat than those with 3? Because they have more options at their disposal to counter the opponent. Adding DG2 or DC is like adding a 5th move to everything else you have.

it’s no different than adding something with Swap in Invincibility – it adds an additional delay tool that really can save a match.


It is not a cheap victory but the most clean win… no cheap bleeding, stunning, cloaking… just a pure, clean diversion out of the blue, nice guerilla tactic.


Hate me if you want Jonus, but just remember. While I’m out there destroying lives with my 2-2 swap in shattering wins, I’m also here trying to help people see what weaknesses I have. :slight_smile:

Swap in shattering is great. But what it really is is borrowing 2k damage (especially in Dracoceratops case) which can be taken back by the opponent when I inevitably swap out of DC and into something else to reload the cannon. :slight_smile:

The best way it works is if i can borrow it and not have to repay it (2-2). The worst way it works is when I have to pay the piper (down 2-1 and I am forced to use it).



So you would have been ok if they gave Draco G2 a cleanse and swap ability? Huh… I heard otherwise.

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I don’t like dc i have fallen victim loads of times with him i find myself using him because the meta begs that and i find cloak/evasive more anoying


No that would’ve been a bad idea :slight_smile:

Really, I’m not in love with SIA, but Ludia likes them, and I personally enjoy using a SIA of any kind over hoping a lucky digital dice roll works out in my favor. Especially because my luck is pretty poor. But if I had to choose between giving every single dinosaur swap in actions or giving every dinosaur evasive stance, I’d choose swap in all day every day. At least in that case I can control an outcome and my own team (even if I can’t see what my opponent is going to do)


I’m not against SIA, I’m not even against a swap in attack… but Defense Shattering Rampage? Come on…


Eh. I don’t have an opinion. If they make it defense shattering strike, or defense shattering impact, or make it just a regular rampage, a regular strike, or a regular impact, i’d still be using it. For me the point is it exists in the game. Why impose arbitrary rules (not allowing myself to use what was intended to be used) on myself? I like winning matches more than losing them. And I can say after using it a lot, I personally don’t get angry when it gets used on me. I changed my play style (as I described above) so that it’s incredibly rare I lose to an unexpected swap in DSR. I think I’ve lost 1 match to it that I can recall in the last 100 or more. So for me, personally, I don’t mind it.

It won’t hurt any less to lose to an unexpected swap in non-shattering rampage. It’ll still be frustrating.


I guess to me that play style doesn’t sound very fun, always planning on swapping when it’s not necessarily… necessary.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d like to play the game like a game, not a cold calculation. (Yeah, I get that there are still other calculations, I just don’t want to play like a robot)