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Draco2 change


Draco2 also got a text change. 2 turn lockdown after swap in.


That change doesn’t bother me a bit. Drac2 is a closer. You use it to finish off the match, so the turn lock shouldn’t matter.


I totally agree.


The one more lock turn is a big change actually. It makes the draco cannot do this move two times in a single match.


Exactly. Which keeps it in a niche. Kamikaze type dino. I like it and I think it’s what it was meant to be.


Now rampage needs to be switched to Strike and then we’d be good.


I disagree… we need more dinos to be viable in this game not less…if all dinos in this game filled some kinda of niche… there would be alot less garbage dna in incubators.

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Then give rampage to at least a rare. Why not Kapro or Irri? They’ve got swap in defense shattering strike.


I agree that more dinos need to be viable. I’m tired of seeing barry gen2 and stygi gen2 in incubators. But I think Draco2 was meant to fill a niche with that move. It does give game play some variety, but doesn’t need to be able to come back again. Especially as a common. The 2 turn lockdown will help with that.


Those are both already non garbage dna… the most diverse a line up of viable dinos the more valuable every incubator we recieve becomes.


Two turn lockdown is fine means you cant use it multiple times in a match… its literally a one shot pony now and im fine with that.

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Pyrri is about to get hit with a nerf from what I’ve seen in other topics, so Irri dna might not be as much of a hot commodity soon.


How Draco2 didn’t get a 2 turn swap lock from the getgo is beyond my comprehension


I agree. Talk about a major miscalculation. Especially since EVERY other SIA has a 2 turn lockdown.


Irritator also has like 1k more hps… making it more difficult to kill in 2 turns then draco g2 currently is… this is a becareful what you wish for thing.


Then swap in DSR shouldn’t be a thing at all. Leave it at strike or even impact would be better