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Dracocera DSR

Still says its pinned 1 turn and DRampage on Promimus has no delay

Its a visual bug, in battle they are right, tried both in a strike tower.


Go back to the original stats!

This singel dino have taking away every singel tactic!


IMO dc is fine and part of tactics, but… the regenerate shouldn’t have priority. Let it regen but as a normal move (use your acute stun to do this) and that’s it. And not a regen & run, just a regular regen. That would make it more beatable and less of a reoccurring disaster.

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Tactics mostly ruined thanks to boosts.


Dc is not fine 100% hit chance but swap in stun is only 60% its stupid

This post was 4 months ago and it was when 1.6 dropped and some of the changes were botched. Why are we responding to this?

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Dunno… why are you? :thinking:

moksha’s axe aint gonna grind itself, csn.

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The… Original poster… Whom you responded to in this thread…

Lol, I noticed that… but still… you could have withdrawn the post. Which you didn’t… and as it’s still in the topic list people can respond :slight_smile:

People can do a lot of things that doesn’t mean it makes sense. There are quite a few posts on here that get ignored that are several months old and yet a four-month-old post about a glitch in the programming somehow pops up

Maybe because the DC problem isn’t solved to satisfaction yet…?

Ok… but this post was about how they left the wording wrong after an update not about whether or not draco is a good creature viable or Fair