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Dracocera is too broken (pic included)

I don’t know what person thinks that this thing got nerfed. I have never seen anything as horrifying as this. How do you even fight something like this?? This isn’t fair. Ive never seen one this ridiculously broken before. To be able to one shot full health dinos like erlidom and dilo and raptors. No dino should have access to this level of power. Even raptor meta was better than this!!! Please tone the damage down.


Crazy isn’t it ?
With that amount of health it will swap in and hit you with over 4200 damage and regenerate to swap straight back out again .
Unless you have a very high or boosted Erlidom or Magna it will take them out in one hit before swapping out to return again with the same move and they won’t even get to have a go !
What kind of crazy programming allows this ?
Who at Ludia thought this was a good idea ?
No one knows , but I can only imagine it must have been someone very high up at Ludia who is beyond reproach because it really is ridiculous and incomprehensible to me .


This is too far out of reach. Boosts pushed this thing to a new level of broken. This picture summarizes everything wrong with this game in the last couple of patches. This needs to stop. I don’t want unique dino versions of this. I don’t want this move in the game anymore at all. No strategy. No preparations. It just comes one shots regens leaves. Rinse and repeat.


I miss the raptor meta. :pensive:


It can’t go through Shields and it can be distracted. Lock it down and bleed it with Dimodactylus


Wow, what a solution? Which we can use at-least 50% of times, right?

Please stop justifying when everyone knows (besides Ludia) how broken he is


So it comes in and one hits your unique ( Magna , Erlidom or Dilora ) which you’ve just brought out . And you think we have a Dimodactylus waiting to come in ?
Not only is that highly unlikely , but the rat will regenerate thereby undoing the bleed and pin and swap straight out , leaving you with a useless Dino to fight the next battle .


If you think thats an actual viable solution then i can’t take you seriously. This thing comes out when you field a full health dino like magna that gets one shotted by this. The bigger issue is its health. Only thor can reliably one shot this thing. Erlidom does not do enough damage unless its level 30 with huge stat boost investments. This needs to stop. This is a sorry excuse for balance. If this were any other game it would have gotten nerfed to the ground. Even by capcom in their own fighting games because at least they release a new iteration and version of said game.



I don’t want to play the game anymore BECAUSE of this


I’ll say what I’ve always said about dracorat. The initial SIA is fine and actually a useful move/strategy to use.

It’s the regen/cleanse and accute stuns that are the problem. There should not be a way to bypass the 2 turn swap in lock, and a 100% stun should have never been added to this kit.


You’re right. But it is indeed a nerf since it can’t break through shields and armors anymore. Problem is that it’s just a small nerf, way smaller than it deserved, since there are few defensive creatures in meta…

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“Whether you like it, or you don’t like it, learn to love it! It’s the best thing going today! “ - Ric Flair talking about dracoceratops of course

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I second this. Although the stun can be quite easily made useless by swapping to an immune. But it’s the stupid regenerate PRIORITY that makes it such a pain.


Draco receives a huge nerf, but only against tanks. Right now many people don’t use tanks at all. Reason being although tanks receive a buff, but the buff isn’t big enough and moreover, people have already invested a lot of boosts in their non-tanks and switching to a tank is rather costly, so the arena is still the same things.

Problem is not about the rat, but about the boosts.


Just wait til 1.9 when it gets DSR back. It will also get another 100 attack probably. Maybe even immunity.


I can’t understand why people think regen and cleanse are the problem.

They never were any problem. No other dinos possessing these moves make as much as a problem than Draco. The only problem is SI 2X damage, defense shattering or not. By the game mechanics it will always be unpredictable the 1st time they use it and nearly impossible to stop unless you can 1 shot it and spam pinning strike without dying.


Thank you for the screenshot. I’ve been trying to keep my level 28 erlido as my weapon against these rats. It’s currently boosted 6/6/5, and I’ve been considering taking attack to tier 7, which would get it to 4950 with rampage. No reason for upgrade or beer holding, just toss it in the trash.


And the fact that your hard to come by , high level , high boost unique Erlidom is now worthless is why Draco is the ridiculous rat that it is .


Well I almost forgot. I have a level 30 suchotator…oh, nevermind.

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Any tyrant dino that built up and boosted is going to be a wrecking crew. It got nerfed from the sense that any shields or armor repel some of that damage. Swap in a fast shielding guy and time it right and he does no damage. I think I know a dino who got that kind of boost…

Honestly, I’ve been saying this though. Build up those tanks. They are so much more relevant now. Draco less effective against them. Crit does less damage. Magna was taken down a notch. Cloaks wont work as well.

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