Dracocera is too broken (pic included)

Or stop using catch words. It’s not “Broken”

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And it got a damage buff…

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As others have said, there’s a reasonable argument to be made that it isn’t a nerf to draco, it’s an adjustment in strategy. I understand why some of you defend draco. There’s been a very large investment made into your draco. I have chosen not to use it, so it’s easy to see it from a different perspective. Whether you want to call it broken or not is irrelevant. It’s a cheap strategy when it has that cleanse/regenerate move and keeps returning. The entire concept of it is absurd.


So they nerfed dodge because people didn’t want to use counters, now they made it easier to counter rat and you want them to nerf it useless, because you don’t want to use counters… I really don’t know what to say… Can you guys tell me what you are going after next so I know what I shouldn’t invest in?

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I explained in my response. Tryko is a tank in my opinion. So I’m counting that as another one to build up. Thor is slightly weaker now with the lower crit hit. I’m not sure Tryo is worthy of top 8 yet. Draco for instance wipes him out before his big move.

Who got weaker against other Tanks? Tryko (30% crit rate), Thor (40% crit rate), magna (crit rate 20% and massive HP drop), draco (no more rampage through armored and shields), Indoraptor (20% crit rate and cloak let’s damage through), eridom (20% crit rate and cloak not as effective).

Name one dino that got better against tanks? Stygidaryx?

yeahhhh! you got the point. :sunglasses:
Dracorat 1.8: a nerf or a buff?

i tried some battles with my level 24 tier 5 rat… it seems more deadly. i wiped a magna and refreshed out from tryko to bring back later against a suchotator.

monster damage :scream:

speaking about magnapyritor… i doubt it will stay in tyrant metahub tier now. big nerf. i was scared when facing one, now no more.

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They need to get rid of the cleanse off the regen so it is actually stuck for 2 rounds.


I been saying this since the day the notes were released. Ludia doesn’t listen and here we are. Just like I called it. And with dodge gone this is even worse. What else is new.


I’m working reaallly hard on my Rat xd. I just got another 2000k dna in 12 minutes small trip down the street. Darn can’t beat my record of 10 minutes=4 fuses yet. #hardwork #invested

Lol. xd



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I rarely use my regenerate and cleanse to be honest. It’s usually stun and rampage, then swap out. Unless I’m facing erlidom.

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Ive always said that since rat was added all the Strategy was replaced with Rattegy!

If the opponent has a reasonable chance to take out the draco with a powerful dino, then it’s anyone’s game. If it’s a draco from the screenshot above, then the fairness factor goes out the window. To be able to escape and return to take out each of the opponent’s dinos is simply absurd in my opinion. Why isn’t anyone complaining about erlido or tryko? Because we can counter them. This thing…


Thoradolosaur is just as bad.


Well they just made it really easy to counter? Use a tank.

If it’s over boosted and way above your level and you don’t have any tanks, then yeah it’s more difficult of course.

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To be fair I think the reason why we are still having complaints after the swap in change, is due to the fact that players need to adjust to the fact that tanks are becoming viable again, and the matchmaking issues still remain putting super rats against teams they shouldn’t be facing!

Like that rat in the screenshot is boosted to a point where it should be facing top tier teams!

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Everyone keeps saying to use a tank. Last I tried, my trago doesn’t seem to deal 4600 damage on turn one.


Well with the change to the non armour piercing version of the swap in, a rats non crit swap in of 4242 (the one in the screenshot) would only hit Trago for about 2,545 due to 40% armour, so takes can survive longer and less susceptible to the rat now that armour and shields can slow it by a lot.

That being said the tank won’t be able to kill it turn one, so there is that.

Yeah, never got the whole tank counter thing. No tank deals enough damage on turn 1 to deal with the rat, so really ‘use a tank’ just means they get to rat it more.


What about Tryko? Tyrant tier Meta Dino, 30% armour and shield and can smash it with DSR!
Oh and 30% crit chance so virtually 1/3 will be a DSR crit!

Tanks now need to be MUCH lower in health due to the non piercing version, and if you know they have rat you can pop up a shield and cut it in half or even fully in the case of invincibility. This lessens the odds of them swapping in and out against it at the drop of a hat.

You need to understand that when they balance something they need to make changes so its balanced, but also not totally worthless.
That being said I hate rat with a passion!