Ludia really fails with balancing. Both, the rat and procera are very good example of that. The green chicken can defeat Erlidom, Dilorach and Magna. Isn’t this a bit too much for just an epic dino???

I’ve found that Erlidominus wins most of the time against Proceratho. Rampage will kill it unless the Proceratho uses Evasive Stance. Even then it will get rid of the majority of its health

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It’s not the case when its speed is boosted to max and then it’s faster than Erlikospyx, Erlidom and Magna. I fought one with nearly 160 speed and 2700 rampage (x2). Erlikospyx can’t even stand a chance with all those distracting moves.

Procera is immune and it also has evading, nullifying and distracting moves. I think that is way too much for just an epic dino.

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Proceratho doesn’t have it’s big attack turn 1 tho. It can’t kill an Erlidominus or an Erlikospyx with just NS. Also both of those Dinos have Minimal Speedup Strike, meaning they can most likely get the speed advantage. That does require an amount of boosting tho as Proceratho naturally outapeeds them


Another thing is that many tanks and counter attackers can outlive it. Good examples are Carnotarkus, Trykosaurus, Stegodeus and Monostegotops


That minimal speedup strike is useless when you swap in either Erlidom or Erlikospyx in turn 2 or 3 when its rampage is available. In my recent battle I couldn’t do much against it with Erlidom/Magna.

That epic dino has way too much HP. It should never have the same amount as Erlidom/Erlikospyx.

Only fair that Procera is revenge killing for its extinct relative, Monomimus.


You really don’t have to tell me in what arena is my place. Also, calling another member of this forum “amateur” is rude so maybe you should be careful with that.

For your information Procera killed my magna and then I had only Erlidom available which was slower than that Procera.

Procera as an epic dino is easy to create and level up and should never be able to kill ANY unique dinos.

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I think rarity isn’t a solid rule that indicates the strength of the creatures. There is a general strength among them, yes, but apparently some of them are move beloved by the Devs…I mean Miragaia just got buffed even though it’s one of the best common creatures already.

Game press just released an article not long ago how Sarcorxis could have a 75% win rate towards Thor. Utahsino and Rat basically out-strength every other legendary creatures; on the other hand, creatures like Rajakylosaurus and Pteraquetzal make us question why they are even there…

There will always be certain creatures that are better than others on the same rarity, even though it is largely due to the favourism of Devs.


I swapped in my Erlidom after the Rampage of Proceratomimus was used and killed my previous dino. (My Erlidom was faster) We know that Erlidom cannot survive when the rampage is ready, so you have to make sure that it has no rampage ready when you swap in Erlidom or Erlikospyx.


Unfortunately, I only had 2 dinos available after my magna was destroyed: Tryko with about 600 hp left and boosted Erlidom.

In another battle my Erlikospyx was killed by Procera because of 2 distracting moves. It’s just crazy that low tier dinos can kill unique ones with ease… ;/

Procera does well against Dioraja also. Just keep spamming the basic nullify strike and throw in rampage somewhere, preferably after Dio loses a turn to use invincibility. Great mind game.


Can’t speak for the higher arenas, but do have a good grasp on mid. I don’t think Procerathomimus is unbalanced, especially since the whole dodge nerf. It’s a speedy, immune, glass cannon type dino.

The only survivabilty provided is by instant distract, and some luck with “dodging”. The highest power move it has cannot be used till the second turn, and then has two turns before it can be used again. Anyone can predict the likely progression of moves, so you just have to swap accordingly.

Instant Distract (if not Immune) -> Distracting Rampage -> Instant Distract (If too much health remains) -> Evasive Stance/Swap

Instant Distract -> Distracting Rampage -> Null Strike (If killable)

Null Strike (Immune)/Evasive Stance (Immune) -> Distracting Rampage -> Null Strike/Swap

And you have to hope that the dino you’re facing isn’t boosted to be faster. And swap in ability is Nullification, so it’s not like you dish or reduce damage. You have to predict well, try it as an opener, or use it as a revenge dino.


I still think Procera is OP dino and there are many posts about it. It’s faster than other unique speedsters and also has more HP and attack. I don’t know any other dino that would have such a powerfull move set like Procera: 2x distracting moves, evasive stance, nullifying.

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Just because your team is lacking a counter or you don’t know how to handle the match-up, Proceratomimus isn’t unbalanced.

It is designed to be decking the 129-130 speed glass cannons. That’s its role.

Not to mention both Erlidominus and Erlikoblergh can kill it if played intelligently.

Proceratomimus isn’t OP (or in the wish-washing term used around here, Tyrant) therefore losing to it is a learn to play kind of issue.

Use its counters if you are struggling with it (Koolasaurus, Stegodeus, Diorajasaurus, Tragodistis, Stygydaryx, just to name a few).


I know how to handle it under normal circumstances and when it’s not boosted to tier 8-10 (hp/attack/speed).

Can you tell me how Erlikospyx can kill it if played intelligently? It’s possible with Erlidom but only if Procera’s evasive stance fails.

Overboosted anything will kill you, that is how the game is.

Proceratomimus will use either nullifying strike or instant distraction, so you go speed-up strike

Depending which one it has, you use speed-up strike again (if it nullified, because it will instant distraction now) or Precise Rampage (if it used Instant Distraction before)

You kill it on turn 2 either way.

It has such a high base speed because each of it’s components are fast (127 and 131). And since it is an Epic fusion, I believe they gave it a bit extra as opposed to averaging, and just let it have Ornithomimus’ base speed. (Which is still a point slower than V. Raptor)

And, yes, I can see how it’s frustrating to have your dinos beat by it, but neither are Procera’s counters. They aren’t supposed to have a leg up on it. They are supposed to go up against tanks and slower chompers with no immunity and take a chunk out of them, if I’ve interpreted the stats and moves correctly.

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I see nothing wrong with having some lower rarity dinos that can beat some uniques. In fact, I see nothing wrong with any rarity being strong(enough to be meta) as long as it has counters. Procera is designed to beat those slower glass cannons, Tany can beat Indo, Rex can beat legendary tanks, Sarcorixys can beat Thor, you get the point. How boring would it be if lower rarities couldn’t do that. I don’t think lower rarities should be able to beat all tyrants as we call them, no. But haing some favorable matchups is a fun thing.


The Speed-up Strike won’t be nullified as Erlikospyx is slower than Proceratomimus. So possibly Proceratomumus will go Instant Distraction first to avoid the damage from Precise Rampage.