Dracoceratopous will NERFED 🤣🤣🤣

I’m really sastified!! The NOOBS players are in intensive care :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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mmmhm how to say…a part is a nerf against armor and shield…
The counter part is one shoot dilo,erli and magna so…not completly a nerf


Honestly not much of a nerf it will one shot more dinos without shields or armor. And no shielding armor dino can take it out before it escapes. So they can hit your tank regen and run away then come one shot your other dinos.

Don’t see how people think this is a good nerf.


I think it’s a good nerf. I was expecting a bench.

Coins and boosts weren’t wasted on my Dracoceratops. And those people who didn’t make it messed up.


this is not a nerf,more a kind of a rework.
It will probably devastate EVERYTHING without armor! (+60dmg lvl 26 mean probably around +80lvl 30,*2:160 and with 50% dmg boost,240/250 at least)


Hardly a nerf unless all you run are tanks and shields.


A ridiculous SIA that should NEVER have been introduced.

A player with the rat drafted in for a battle should only be allowed to match up with another player with a rat drafted in too. Let them rat the **** out of each other.


I like that lol new matchmaking: Only players with rats battle players with rats. And let them enjoy eachother xD


I’m in intensive care… Well that sucks.
Increases Dracocera to T6

Well everyone of you know one thing…
Nobody will drop their precious lvl 30 draco fully boosted,so…
Prepare to upgrade your alanky,stygydaryx and others tanks liek monostegotops.
And since they will do more dmg,prepare to remove erli,indo and magna

Dracoceratopous will be a normally dinosaur without Life, armour, but with Just a good hit :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

The players who has overboosted this dino remain screwed :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: they CANNOT win easily now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


They will just apply boosts elsewhere now . It’s not a total loss anyways I’m sure players will still use. Boosts are easy to get and buying pattern is twice a week .

I like to stack boosts then apply every week or two

No more nerf Dracocera threads! :slight_smile:


my good boy…
When 1.8will be release and you will see the ONE shoot a draco will do to all magna…
You will see two things flooding on this forum:
-Nerf draco
-Buff magna


If you have all uniques dinos Magna is a joke like the dracocera :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I know I’m just having fun with that guy.
I’m well aware Draco threads are here to stay.
General pop couldn’t deal with it before, I really don’t see them doing it now. LOL

Dang I used a bunch of boosts on this cuz I got tired of getting one shotted all the time… .its gonna b a waste of all those boosts

All three of those uniques are notoriously difficult to get , and equally as hard to level up .
Draco is by far the easiest legendary to get , and remember , it is just an easy to get legendary , yet it will comfortably remove all three uniques with one shot . And the unique has no opportunity to counter it . So giving Draco an attack boost seems crazy . It’s already way overpowered and the community on here have said so that may times that there many who get sick of reading it time after time .
And there are still a few posting how it would be unfair if Draco has a reasonable nerf as they’ve used boosts on it ? What about the hard work done to get Magna and Erlidom then , which are now useless ?

I have three tanks two of which have shields. At least it will be just as devastating to everything else but less devastating to the tanks now.

A thousand times this. An awful, wretched game element.

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