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Dracoceratops 3 turn delay


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Bug Description: When using the following sequence dracoceratops has a 3 turn delay in statt of 2: swap in shattering rampage-acute stun- rampage

Area is was found in: aviary

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- swap in dracoceratops
Step 2 - use acute stun
Step 3 - rampage
Step 4 - dracoceratops is still locked
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
Everytime I use this sequence
What type of device are you using:
Iphone 6
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


I’ve noticed this bug with diorajasaur too.

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Swap in is not counted as turn 1. What you experienced is the expected behavior. In order to release from turn lock, you have to use regeneration in turn 1 or after acute stun


Then why is the lockdown graphic not there? Another Ludia ‘visual glitch’?

And in the above example he takes two turns, and is still locked down.

T1 - Stun
T2 - Rampage
T3 - still locked down


I know swap in is mot counted as the first turn. When looking at the first picture you see I have just used acute stun so my 2 turn lock down went from 2 to 1. In the second picture after using rampage there still was a 1 turn lock doen there even though it should go from 1 to 0


Just wondering but with diorajasauros does it occur when using different sequences of moves or no matter what kind of move sequence you use? For me it is only this sequence but that can also be the case because I either use this sequence or regenate as a first move


This is wierd because my normal rotation with dracocera is stun, rampage, then swap out … so much better value getting and extra ramoage in before swapping out.

This has got to be a bug.


I just tested and literally got the same interaction… this was not how dracocera was behaving yesterday.


Ow so I wasn’t crazy… I can swear it happened to me too once… third turn, not counting the swap in turn… Couldn’t test more times cause it’s usually dead in the second turn if I don’t use the regeneration.


Yes it happen to me many times too
0 swap in
Turn1 --> Stun
Turn2 --> Rampage
Turn3 --> still locked
Ludia please explain and fixed this bug


I’ve noticed this bug as well. It happens with most swap in dinosaurs: alanqa, dracoceratops, sarcorixis, etc.
It makes you lose one turn giving the advantage to the opponent.


You should write them to


Yes, same thing happens with dioraja, also, the swap in ferocity ends a turn early, as it seems to count the swap in as a turn, so it only works for the swap in counter and the following turn, then ends.