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Dracoceratops, aaargh!

I’ve been reading a lot in this forum so I now how much some people hate dracoceratops. For me it wasn’t really a problem, first I am in arena 4 and I know there are some counters for it in higher arena’s.
But now, I battled in arena 4 against that stupid dracoceratops. I don’t think you’re meant to get an tyrant hybrid in arena 4.
My biggest problem is that I don’t now any dino’s/hybrids that really counter it.

So If anyone has a tactic to defeat it with lower arena dino’s I’d like to hear it.


Anything with Armour.
Giga is a good counter.


an equal boosted and leveled smolocephalosaurus beats out Dracocera. However, pachy is arena 9 exclusive and you need to be lv 20 to put it in a sanctuary. I’ve had some luck with purutaurs, carnotarkus and a boosted allosino.


You mean gigaspikasaur?

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Yep. Gigaspikasaur.

I did it with proceratomimus lvl 11 and slightly boosted.
It survived the SIA rampage with just 20 health.

I do have allosino, and I gotta be honest: it can be as anoying to other players as dracoceratops was for me.
But at least allosino isn’t a tyrant and easyer to counter…

About gigaspikasaur, I don’t even have Nodopatosaurus
(Well, almost) and most of my Armored dino’s aren’t high enough level…

At least I now what dinosaurs I need to go for.

Then Purruto maybe.

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I forgot to mention, but a sarcorix wouldn’t be bad either. If you keep it slower than draco, you can keep it in the fight with immobilize.


I’m glad my strongest two hybrids are mentioned here: allosino and sarcorixis. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hate Draco more than anything in my life or anything I’ve ever hated ever. So annoying stupid cheap everything this I can think of God just remove the darn thing. Stoppppp debuffing and just get ridddddd of his darn dino alreadyyyyyyyyyyyy


I still hate you so so much

too much hate for a game. more fun and less hate is way better for me.

if i have to “hate” something is actual boosts mechanics and the monster high prices for offers.

but look: the core of dracobomb is swap in rampage.

usually i don’t mind having 8 creatures with 200% armor to avoid that move. you cannot set a full team based on a fear of one.

in fact, i don’t care about being hit by that. i manage more to revenge dracobomb than being fearful about swaps.

the earlier opponent bring it, the better for me to revenge and remove it from battle.

and of course: use it too. if your opponents use granades, u use too. the more you face and use draco, the better you deal with. at some point you start to predict when it’s comming.

use it too, and you will find yourself in some BOOST/MATCHMAKER bizarre moments that draco will be your hero.

aaargh indeed…

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Hate Draco. Yeah, that’s a common sentiment. It single-handedly caused tens of thousands of players to leave the game.


I’d like to say that I only use mine to revenge kill my opponents, but thats not really the case. I do get more enjoyment of using mine to kill theirs and I accept the fact that mine will also die. I’ve also used it as a last ditch effort to kill something that can wipe my team. At this point tho, I fight fire with fire until I can rework my team. I only have 2 uniques, Indo at t5 and thor, which won’t be boosted until I see what 1.9 brings.

True I versed an Allicina in arena 4

The most baffling thing to me is that Ludia has continued to double down on Dracoceratops and continued to give easy access to it (especially for people in zone 2 obviously) even as its mechanics have made the arena a toxic experience for a significant percentage of the player base. The company obviously thinks they will sell more boosts in the short run if they make players more desperate, but Ludia is killing its own game. I sure hope they get it right in 1.9.

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