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Dracoceratops and dracorex gen 2 poll

  • Make Dracoceratops have Swap In Rampage and Dracorex Gen 2 have Swap In Stun
  • The same

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The reason why this post is a thing is that Dracoceratops is worse then Dracorex Gen 2

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i havent used dracorex much but it does have 119 speed. swapped in against the right opponent you can have the upperhand. IF the stun works.

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It’s damage though so light. It’s useless!

Don’t they almost have the same attack?

its got less attack but more health atleast.

id probably run him before dracorex g2 but im anti dg2

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I’d bump DG2 down to swap in Shattering Impact, give Dracocera the same, and then let it have a unique with swap in shattering rampage. That way you can do it all you want because you worked hard for it.

yeah untill they nerf it.

Alos, share to the admins!

I won’t agree with that because I think NO DINO should have swap in DSR… Of course, since it exists, it would make way more sense if a legendary or unique had something like that, but imagine the monster it would create? If a useless piece of trash like Draco2 already causes that much havoc…


Honestly voted dracocera… but then i considered his kit and realized it w ok wo uld be so broken…between clensing impact and min speed strike he is going first next turn. Which would mean it would be a whole lot easier for dracocera to be used atleast twice a match.

I 10000000% agree with you. The move should not exist in the game full stop. You can’t give it to anything higher rarity because those creatures are much better. If anything, leave to draco gen2 but nerf the lockdown and also the health or something.


I think if we are seeing an inherited ‘rampage’ for Dracoceratops then we ought to see a similar type move on Dracorex G2 perhaps Swap-in Impact so its still got ‘some’ utility.

Instead of 34% of the time does nothing.

Dump them both…

Change Dracorex2’s swapin DSR to a different effect. For example, it’s fine to give it a stunning strike with 75% chance. Dracoceratops’ swapin could have a 30% critical increase+50% shield 1turn. This feels like a much nicer moveset that kicks ass without breaking the game. Both need a cooldown of two turns before swapping again.

I personally don’t care where the move goes to or if it gets 2 turn no swap…

It is nice to have a dino that can destroy a shield on a swap in… if I don’t have a dino that can break invincibility or a shield in my current lineup… why not swap Dracorex G2 in with a big FU… it may be OP to do 2x damage, but it also brings out a new strategy instead of just math…

I remember the first time I had someone bring it out against me… my first thought was “Well played you SOB… well played…”)

I personally like using it during the strike events… it has helped me win a couple towers…

Since it will get nerfed, I finally leveled up mine to level 15 (I won’t go further than that) and started to use it just to feel its effectiveness myself (and also because I was in an annoying losing streak)…

The streak stopped and I’ve won several matches thanks to it… even though it’s weak… so OP :joy:

Dracorex Gen 2 is Grrrrreaaaat when someone pulls a raptor on you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: