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Dracoceratops and dracorex gen 2 poll


That is the problem… it is a legandary hybrid and should feel strong (not op it is no unique).
I wouldnt be mad if dracoceratops gets a 100% stun, so it has a niche and wouldnt break the game.

Just remove Swap in DSR…
We tested it, we laught and had fun with this broken skill and now remove it please.

Even at “unique level” SI-DSR is far off from being balanced.


So I haven’t made use of the wiki to see which dinos do what purely because I plan on creating them all anyway so I like to be surprised…but this is officially the 1st legendary dinosaur I’ve created that has never made it into my roster and never will unless he gets bumped up…the proposed change in this thread makes sense because dracoceratops is very much a downgrade. Not only does it lose the swap in rampage of the dracorex but it also doesn’t get the small armor bump of the triceratops.

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I love dracoceratops. It’s adorable, and it’s kit is awesome. But it needs a buff badly. And I think swapping the SIA on these two is the perfect way to do that.


Though I still don’t agree with the change suggested, it’s true that Dracoceras needs a buff. And I really hope it gets one… and since DracoG2 will certainly get a nerf, it would be beautiful to imagine all those DG2 users regret for having spent its DNA for cheesy wins instead of leveling up a now stronger Dracoceras. :laughing:



Exactly why I have both at 20 and waiting for next update notes to power one higher! :sunglasses:

Dracoceratops got very little from its parent DNA.

It has 3 Direct attacks/moves that neither one of its parents have.

  1. Speed up basic attack.
  2. Cleanse move
  3. A direct stun attack
    Speed: It’s faster than both its parents.
    Health: It has more health than both its parents.
    Damage: It does less base damage than both its parents.
    Direct Attacks: it got Hit and Run attack from DG2 and nothing from Triceratops 2 although Tri2 did give it the SwapIn Stun chance.
    Armor: Tri2 has a little armor 10% but Dracoceratops didn’t benefit from any of it.

If it got a direct stun attack because of the SIA Stun that Tri2 had then why didn’t it get a direct Rampage attack that the Tri2 has and DG2 has in its SIA?

Not really a complaint but it looks like the biggest thing it got from its parents were it’s looks.:smiley:


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I regret this

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Lol,me too

Remove the move that cleanses Dracoceratops. 1.6 said that they would make SWR have a 2 turn bound, but since Dracoceratops has cleanse, it’s practically pointless! Who agrees?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and remove SWR
  • mAriO oDdYsEy iS kEwL xD

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Boooooooo. Please uninstall.

:thinking:? English pls?