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Dracoceratops Armageddon!


unnecesary but fun :rofl:

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This battle is exactly why i stopped battling,not even for T-Rex. RNG and miscalculated Dinos.
My father used all the time Tryko with instant distraction to stop Tryostrnix,and was around 4700 and now with this rat he is at 5100.That tells me…who needs tactics and strategy,just spam luck buttons…


Awwww… you so sweet.
Lesson learned: we must always love our father even if he used instant distraction to tryostonix.


He loves Dino and walking around.I don’t blame him for doing this kind of stuff(60+ years old),but my point is that you do not have to be a tactician to win right now at the arena ,you need just luck and the draw of the right Dino.
Btw i love him,and he is my wingman in this game.He drives…i dart.But some times he and the game make me to throw the phone


Just force opponent to swap Dracocera in, when can’t take dino out. Just did it.

Started with Indo (lvl 24) against Suchotator (lvl 23) and made mistake using Cleansing Impact, but luckily it was crit. Knew that Instant distraction is next move, swapped Indo to Spinota (lvl 21) and used Lethal wound.

Suchotator used Superiority strike then died. Opponent bring in Thor (lvl 24) and with crit DSI oneshots Spinota. Monostego (lvl 23) comes in and use Slowing impact. Thor oneshots Monostego with crit DSR. I bring in Thor (lvl 22) That finish opponents Thor with crit DSI. Interesting opponent didn’t used Instant Charge. Diloracheirus (lvl 21) comes in, uses Distracting strike. I used DSR with Thor and crit leave Dilracheirus with less than 600 hp.

Thor still has over 2300 hp. Picked Instant charge and opponent swap to Dracocera(lvl 20). Thor survives and Instant Charge stunned Dracocera. Used DSR to finish it, in case it would use Regeneration.

Great idea for naming the new tier: Dracoceratops is as the moment the Tyrant tier - let it be “Armageddon tier”…
Interesting: according the Book Isaiah 17, the year 2019 is going to be the Armageddon year (the Doomsday - the destruction of country existing on the occupied land)… I didn’t know that is going to be Draco…

When has the arena been anything but luck?
10% tactics, 45% team level, 45% luck.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Dracoceratops was designed and implemented by the developers, despite the known outcry.

Whine for a nerf, like all the other OP creatures had…

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Every year has been called this.

Every year hasn’t been.

But Draco came now!

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