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Dracoceratops bug or intentional behaviour?

So, I just thought that I might counter Dracoceratops with Maiasaura.
After I succesfully anticipated and stunned it, it was immediately replaced, without being locked for two turns.

Is this kind of behaviour intentional? Because Draco didn’t use its switch-in action, it can be immediately replaced? Or is it a bug?

I think it shouldn’t behave like that.

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Hey Leonardo_Kelava, do you have more details of that match? I’d be happy to try and figure out what might have happened.

If you are saying the opponent selected Draco as their next dino, and therefore did not swap-in Draco then no it would not be locked in for 2 turns because the lock-in is related to the swap-in attack.


Let me try and reconstruct the entire match. (but my memory migh fail a bit)

The opponent had Paramoloch, Dracoceratops, Einiasuchus and Utasinoraptor.
I had Stegodeus, Purutaurus, Tryostronix and Maiasaura.

i opened with Stegodeus, he with Paramoloch.

He used shielding strike, I used tagomizer. He then used instant charge and stunned me. then I hit him with rampage, and he hit me with stunning impact. He used regenerate and run, killing my stego with draco.
I put in Tryostronix. He used regenerate and i used ferocious strike. He then switched to Utasinoraptor, which I killed in one hit with defense shattering rampage.

he then put paramoloch and hit me with shielding strike. I used armor piercing strike. He changed to draco, while I changed to Purutaurus, so he switch -in rampaged me, and I counter striked him. My Purutaurus was faster, because it has boosted speed. So, I then used precise rampage, while he regenerated, so his Draco barely stayed alive. He switched to einiasuchus and I used long Protection. He used ferocious strike, while I used precise rampage.

i expected him to switch to Draco, so I changed to Maiasaura. He did as expected and my Maiasaura stunned his draco. At that moment, i expected to kill him with instant rampage, but he instead changed to Einiasuchus, which was killed by rampage. He put Paramoloch on, and hit me witch shielding strike and i hit him back with superiority. Then he switched to Draco again and won.

So, that was entire match. Turns out I do remember :smiley:

No, I anticipated that my opponent will switch him in. But , I succesfully switched to Maiasaura to stun his SIA.

The problem might be because you stunned DC, so DC doesn’t get to use its swap in DSR, but the lock happens after a swap in DSR is performed, so DC doesn’t get locked because its swap in DSR fails to even activate.


Yes, I suspect that this happened, too.

And I think that this is not fair. :smiley:

Well I think it’s fair myself because Draco didn’t get to perform it’s move, it only swapped in. Therefore as you stunned it part way through its swap-in move it’s only fair that the lock-in doesn’t occur.

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I think it is not fair, because they both use their switch-in ability. It just happens that Maiasaura stuns draco. If we both switched in and he used any other non-immune dino, that dino would miss its turn, because it would remain stunned.

Also, it is a 66 % chance stun. When it fails, Maiasaura still remains locked for two turns.
When Alanqua swicthes in, and its shield gets broken by some shattering move, its SIA also failed kind of, but it remains locked for two turns. Don’t see why would Draco be exception here. Its sia failed.


When the stun fails or the shield gets removed, you still got to use the SI moves. When DC got stunned it’s SI moves were completely blocked and it didn’t get its turn. The lockdown code probably happens after the attack is made so since the attack wasn’t made the lockdown never activated. More than likely it’s an unintentional bug.

It be interesting to know if you and your opponent both swapped in Maiasaura and the faster one stunned the other before it had a chance to make a move would the lockdown activate.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had that happened to me before, I have never been good at predicting when Dracoceratops would come out :sweat:, so that was a tricky question. :thinking:

I had inquired our team about it, and if Dracoceratops’s Swap In Ability was prevented from happening, then the swap prevention effect would not take place, this is intentional.

I hope this helps answer your question!

It helps. I would however argue that this creates its own rule within the game, because all the other dinos get swap prevented, even when theirs ability is wasted. Even if i put proceratomimus, and his swap-in nullify nullifies nothing, because there is nothing to nullify, he still gets swap prevented.

I believe it’s because Procerathomimus’s SIA was still activated. However, in your previous case, Dracoceratops’s was stunned before her SIA had the chance to kick in.

If you swap-in Procera to nullify something that has nothing to be nullified then it still carries out its action, it’s not the Procera’s fault the opponent had nothing to nullify. As it still carries out its attack the lock-in will still take place.

You are attempting to compare the following actions:

  1. A swap-in that is blocked because the Draco got stunned before performing the attack.
  2. A swap-in that takes place as normal but the opponent had nothing to get nullified.

You are comparing apples and oranges, because only one of those scenarios had the attack blocked.

Well, it didn’t fail. It just wasn’t executed (because stunned). And the lockdown is part of/triggered by executing the sia.

The Alanqa you’re talking about executed their shield but it got shattered. Therfore it’s locked.

A way to fail a DC sia and lock him would be a sia dodge with monomimus

No. He did make his move, but he was stunned before, so his turn is wasted. That is why it doesnt remain stunned.

If i swapped in Maiasaura, and my opponents swaps in, lets say Alanqa at the same time,Alanqua stays stunned for one turn. Dracoceratops doesnt, meaning his swap in ability did take its place.

It wasnt executed because it was stunned. But it was attempted. It counts as a turn, and we see it does, because it is not stunned for the next move. If anything else was swapped in and Maiasaura gets swapped in and stuns it, it remains stunned for one turn.

Do you know for a fact/remember correctly, it wasn’t stunned next turn? You said he swapped to einio straight away. You can always swap a stunned dino (if it’s not locked).

Yes, because i was thinking i have to use my priority rampage, because otherwise he would regenerate.

But that could simply be that the opponent left Alanqa stunned and chose not to swap it out to anything else. That doesn’t mean it was locked-in.