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Dracoceratops Cheat

This guy was able to swap his Draco in and out constantly without having to wait or regen.

He strikes, brings in another dino, comes back and strikes, and then continues to do it. How is this possible?

Ive always had to wait 2 turns and/or Regenerate.

Did the opponent swap-in the Dracoceratops or was it brought in normally ? Because if it wasn’t swapped-in it wouldn’t be locked for 2 turns.

swapped in. started off with a different dino, and before the first turn swapped in. Hit me with that hit and then brought in another dino. then swapped in again and it continued.

Might have been the game’s fault… it just happened to me that I wasn’t able to switch my Draco even after 2 turns, so it seems the old bug is back (with some new ones as well apparently)

Nerf it already. Give it a logical swap in. Or give Thor swap in DSI. Whichever makes more sense lol.


Really. Make Thor better? Are you crazy? Draco is necessary because of the boosted dinos as it’s sometimes the only way to kill them. And Thor is probably the worst with Erlido being a close second.

In that case, sounds like a bug to me. If you could send the details I’m sure someone could look into that