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Dracoceratops: Evolutions and Stats

Hey everybody! I know I’m a little late on posting this, but I waited for the DNA sale this time around.

Anyhow here is Dracoceratops at every evolution:

Here is a higher resolution image of the final evolution for Dracoceratops in Photo Mode:

Lastly, here are the stats at 10/20/30/40:

Personally, I REALLY like the design and coloration (especially the final evolution) of Dracoceratops. What do you guys think about this new creature??


Personally I don’t like the creature much because of the pain it gave me in JWA (that vrry annoying swap in savagery!), but otherwise yeah it is a cool design at fourth evo.

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At least he isn’t as overpowered as in jwa


JWA Rat is a nightmare :scream:
At least in JWtG we don’t have to fear it when Rat is swapped in…

But i kinda wished he would be a bit stronger than armomata


Yeah level 40 design is real nice, gonna get a couple level 20s soon.

I really dislike the color scheme of it. I’m tired of all the muted greens and oranges, why can’t we get some vibrant colors like Allonogmius? Or dramatic as Ostaposaurus? I don’t like the over abundance of red either, which is why I dislike the look of Armormata.

I get it’s a port and Armormata wasn’t, I’m just hoping for more color diversity and vibrancy among future dinos/hybrids.

I like draco. Looks nice. Nicest design for me is Evo 2. Not too crazy with colours and a nice design.
Might get a draco at Evo 2 in the near future

The color design is veeery cool also the stats…i like them

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Bentornato @Therizino2.0

In my opinion the statistics are a bit poor and the same as the other hybrids!
In the end it is only a less powerful Armormata!

But the model is great!


I saw Drac cuz i was in the game and wanted to see which new dinos were added like the Sonorasaurus, Deinonychus, Albertosaurus and others and i spotted this guy.

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Well, you know where to look: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: