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Dracoceratops Fail (Laugh for me)


So my opponent pulled a his dracoceratops, took out my first dino and managed to get it out.

Knowing he would pull it again, when my next dino was down to that level in hit points, I switched in anticipation he would pull it and did so I wore the bugger down before he got it out again, in the process taking out two of his dino’s.

Again, my dino was to that point in hit points so in anticipation he was going to pull that “cheap shot” out again I switched and he did but this time I took out his draco and won the match 3 to 1…

:rofl::rofl::rofl: YES… 3 to 1.


Once when my opponent did not show his DC, I was playing with my Monostego against his Indor. After the Slowing Impact, I pressed Greater Stunning Impact, he swapped to his DC. My Monostego took the damage and survived, then his DC was stunned. He was unable to regenerate or swap, then it wad killed by my Monostego the next turn.


This will always be one of my favorite wins.


Live by the rat, die by the rat. :joy:


They were so focused on getting me with that little cheap shot along with being humanly predicable you can win against these things. Those draco’s should be kept secret till the end. Once you know they have one and was able to pull it back, you can expect it out at the next opportunity so you can counter these.


Not if he is TRULY overleveled.
In my case i met some lvl 26,the regeneration is bigger than my HITS!!!


Yeah, won many battles like that. Some of them, my opponents could have won if they had kept attacking instead of going for the cheap swap in and out.

It’s not always possible to keep it a secret though. Today I was in a battle where the opponent’s first dino was Magna. I hit it once then sent Draco to kill it. If I haven’t done that, it would surely have taken out two of mine and damaged the third. I won thanks to that. But it’s not necessary to keep swaping all the time.

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Had an opponent bring Draco on his very first turn against my Ornithomimus who was damaged but still viable. The Draco used Regenerate to get away with 1/4 health as I used Evasive Strike which hit his new creature. He immediately swapped in again next turn and Draco…whiffed! My Evasive Strike was still effective and I took him out on my attack turn.