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Dracoceratops Fans - Disregard the Bullies - Post in the Feedback Thread

There is a feedback poll out where the Community Manager asked for feedback. Now is the time to respond (in that thread, not this one). Please don’t stay quiet because of the same 20-30 forum posters who try to bully you into silence. They are bitter people who can’t stand those who don’t agree with them.

The saying of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” applies here. For months, the same forum mob has been slamming this one dinosaur, and because of that, the decision makers of Ludia believe it needed a change.

If you are worried about the backlash, just respectfully post your support of Dracocera and leave without reading replies. Let the negative people spew what they want. You are entitled to your respectful opinion and let the mods handle the bullies.

Supporters lurking and staying quiet (I did that for months) is what got our favorite dino nerfed in the first place.


Dracoceratops is a bully :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. But thats all I’ll say here, so you’re safe from me.


Hijacking this thread > : )
Rat must die!
In a pit of fire, made from the smoldering rocks of Mordor when Lord Ragnaros from World of Warcraft smashes it into the sun’s corona.


Bullying pixelated dinosaurs is a different level than bullying real people playing the game.


I am a fan of DC, but his time has come…and gone. It was too OP and abused with boosts.


If you think that only 20 loud forum members are responsible for the nerfing of this overpowered scourge to the game, I’m sorry but you live in a fantasy world, lol.


Profits tied to DC must have started dropping. Indo G2 is the new cash cow.


I’m not gonna fight this - instead I’ll join it. This is meant sincerely with no sarcasm (text is so hard to interpret). I’d like boosts back from my:

Dilo - reason - immune to decel added, immune to stun added, immune to distract added, and new meta relevant immune dinos added (see Gemini and maxi etc.)

Rinex - ditto.

Tuora - had to try rework. Ended up being a ditto to the first two.

Indo - reason - new dodge mechanic still not reliable. New definite and null rampages added to meta relevant dinos.

Here are my boosts I’d like back (total of 48 boosts, if I counted right):

This month marks my 12 month anniversary of not spending a dime on the game, but that was a lot of tapjoy. Like, a LOT.

Edit: can you imagine if they added a new immunity and added to general immunity: immune to swap in damage? Yikes.

Ok, thanks bro

I thought those were the fossilized remains of what was once the excrement of a majungasaurus.

I don’t care for the Ratting play style but I don’t care for trash talking other members either. The problem is not the people ratting. It’s the game allowing it to happen in the first place. If you add a win button people will want to use it and people will also hate it. Solution, never add a win button.

So, not bullying you or even the rat. It’s just the move set it has. Replace the swap in and run away stuff with something fair and the rat will not get looked down on.


Respect. That’s how you disagree in a civil way.


I must say I find the forums reasonably civil today. Remember when boost 2.0 were introduced or when the map was changed? That was fun :slight_smile:


Can’t find opponents to Battle against? Tired of getting AI? Well that’s because many many players are gone…

All because of the Rat.

It affects everyone, including Ludia who may shut the game down early if they can’t keep revenue streams going.

All because of the Rat.


And boosts


Well this hasn’t gone too well for the op has it?

Even people who use the rat accept it was time to do something about it.

I fully accept that the game allowed players to use and abuse the rat. And the choice made by players who do this should be accepted, but not necessarily respected.

What I truly don’t understand is how players using it don’t get bored of it. Surely there comes a point where you must just think there must be something more fun and challenging than the swap in and swap out destruction it did. And indeed will continue to do.
This seems to be overlooked, it could end up being even worse than it was before!


You have to appreciate the irony though, cheap wins turning out to be not so cheap in the end…


I never enjoyed facing one (I do admit that it was a lot worse when it had the swap in defense shattering rampage), but she is a member of my strike tower team when needed. So I really hope in that regard Dracoceratops will still be useful.

I remember when I first got Dracoceratops she was extremely underwhelming. Lol :sweat_smile: Then they did the revamp and she became way too overpowered. She always needed a bit of a rework. That I will admit. However, bullying someone for using it is not right in any circumstances.


My non-boosted rat now does more turn 1 damage than my boosted Thor. :laughing:

Watch this be a lead-off dino now.

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I feel like my DC is useless now. Okay; fine. But I invested coins and boosts into her, that I feel should be given back 100% - especially the boosts.

In the cases where they drastically destroy a dinosaurs worth (worth THEY created) in an update we should get more than the 50% boosts back.

I don’t mind the update since it’ll help me too like everyone else. Having said that Ludia is responsible and should at least compensate on the fact that they created something 95% of players used because they made it available.