Dracoceratops has an interesting kit

I was fusing and wondering if I should keep going or not.

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Reminds me of paramoloch a fair amount.

I think she’s the cutest thing ever :heart_eyes:


Congrats for unlocking a new dino - one of the three most interesting new dinos to have.
I think you should - level it up.
At the very least, Cleansing Impact is a precious move in the new meta…:blush:

The new member in my team…:blush:


level 21 already, its that good?

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Why 21? Dont you want the hybrid?

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“I want my T. Rex-equivalent to be faster. How can I do that?”

but tenontorex is only 109… woohoo a whole wopping 1 speed. sure it has ss but was hoping it would actually be alot quicker in speed.

Guys, guys don’t :poop: on his parade too much :raised_hand: maybe he’s like me and has only ever heard of Trento in hushed whispers. Every time I think I see one it’s always the other donkey looking rare.


I “see” them everywhere all day, everyday… Or I did before this update was announced, now all I see is the Edmon… AND I didn’t catch either!!! Mine is only level 9 :frowning:

Tenonto has a weird tan glow and I wish I didn’t dismiss him like i did donkey head lmao… poor Edmonto

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I think this lil guys move set could be very strong, especially as a swap it. I would level it

Imagine- toura, impact and run into this guy… Stun, min spd up, stun, impact and run. He could potentially kill off a dino without taking a single hit

I had hoped for at least one more immune dino, but am definately a fan of the tank busters. It seems tanks are becoming more scarce in the arena though.