Dracoceratops ingredients haven't had their spawns increased

According to the jwa twitter dracorex gen 2 or triceratops gen 2 sholhd have been spawning globally today. But today I still only saw dimophodon which was the featured dino last week.

There was a herd of draco gen 2 in zone 2 today. Only a couple Tri gen 2 though.

That’s dracorex gen 2s normal spawn zone though

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Yes, there were many more than normal though.

Not to sound negative, but after leveling dracoceratops to a 19 I stopped and don’t think it was a good investment.

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Oh yea i know its sucks horribly right now I just have dinodex goals to reach. XD
Also it could get a buff or a unique later.

It could for sure! Ya never know what will happen with who and when.

I have been out today and can confirm both drac g2 and tri g2 swarming in every zone like ants! Bit hard to notice them with tarbos at event stops though :joy:

I’ve not seen a single draco2 all day. I hope the change just happened.

draco 2 is almost the same as yesterday…i hunted 2 hours…didn’t notice there were ants on the street

I havent seen either one of them outside their zones…and i hit up all 4 locals today. Lots of dimorph though…

Same here, no Draco or Triceratops, just the birds … Perhaps they forget to change the spawns in Europe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Italy here and yes still Dimorfodonte all over the place… :thinking:

I havent seen any spawn in Zone 4…thought they were supposed to be everywhere

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They technically didn’t say global spawns, they said spotted all over.
Ludia uses words to their advantage, you need to carefully consider what they say.

Dimorphodons everywhere in Slovakia too…not really impressed :smirk: