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Dracoceratops is a Tyrant tier


In new meta, I suppose that Dacoceratops is a Tyrant tier. The only one I really fear coming out of the blue…

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A way to nerf dracocera without downgrading attack or swap in dsr
Dracoceratops, a disaster for the game
Dracoceratops needs its swap in nerfed
Dracoceratops needs to be nerfed big time
Stop draco
Dracoceratops is a bad joke, ludia!
How exactly is the Dracoceratops good game design?
Nerf dracoceratops!
Dracoceratops = Loserville
Get rid of draco swap in
Draco in your team?.. You get a report
Need to do something about dracoceratops
Dracocera is not a rat
Dracoceratops nerf
To All with Dracoceratops
Time to stop it

Ludia will wait till everyone has leveled it up and spent their coins on it. Then in 1.7 (hopefully) nerf it into the ground and or make a hybrid for it.


Its still eligible for a unique, I wouldnt bet on it getting completely ruined however. As much as some may hate the swap in meta it is their focus moving forward and I dont think swap in DSR is going to not be a thing


I have an idea. Instead of winning about every new Dino that beats you you should just. Use this per post:

This is for reporting my failures

Where does it happen; I’m my mind
How is it replicated; by failing to defeat a Dino.
What Dino were you using; an obviously poorly selected one.

And further details or complaints;

Yes I was playing my game when I lost to _____.
I demand that this Dino’s skill speed attack be removed or adjusted nerfed because even if you buffed my Dino I would still be unable to use it properly.

And this is important

State repeatedly how much you have spent in the game and how horrible this makes you feel (cuz god knows your feelings supersede anything else less important like reality or common sense) and how you intend to never spend again. Especially point out how you believe the game is doomed because you are the most important person you know.


I really liked dracocera design before and felt it just needed a stat boost to be playable. I played woth draco g2 for a while during 1.5 but playing a dino with 2 skills feels like im playing during the dark ages.

Im a fan of his new design though he is more then just a swap in so he has options other then just regen and swap out.


Dude I loved him before. I loved his tactical play. I like him now too just saying…


Very well said Fae… Couldn’t have relayed the sentiment better


It has no counter therefore is broken. For the record im actually ranked higher than ive ever been despite facing it. Could easily use it myself but dont want to waste coins on something that will be changed in a month. Enjoy it while it lasts :slight_smile:



Good for you big guy.

But you should use the form


Does anyone think shield breaking shouldn’t bypass armor since there are armor piercing attacks? Just curious if since the attack already destroys shields, does it need to bypass armor as well? Might make swap in dracos a little more balanced, imo.


Il see you here when its nerfed in a month. If your still playing by then. :joy:


That in fact could be any Dino in the game so with that logic why play any of them


Been here since July or August. Used dracoceratops before skill change. Was angry over change got over it. Used dracorex gen 2 before his changes used him after his new Nerf.


Good for you :slight_smile: my opinion is its OP and many people agree. If your happy with it, thats up to you. Dont be angry when it gets nerfed again.


Quit frankly I am currently enjoying him he works very well with the other Dino’s I am currently using but as I progress I may out grow him as I have several others getting where I am now… Just an observation here but you seem bitter about him and reading your posts gives the image of a petulant person whinning about sour grapes

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Swapping in to DSR, regenerating to clear the lock to then swap in and out again is broken. Every other dino has a counter but dracocera doesnt. Im fine with draco G2 because the two turn lock down means it has only one use.


Observe all you want im entitled to an opinion and you have yours.


Honestly I truly love how effective yalls constant whining was… It gave us a second betterer Dino with the skill… So please keep going.


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Betterer isnt a word.


You certainly do appear entittled