Dracoceratops Is really out of place

Hi everyone, do you realise dracoceratops should be a rare but it jumped to legendary? Common+ common should be rare or dracorex + triceratops= epic dracoceratops. Ludia, please please please fix this because it take time to build a legendary. come from? Where did all the rend come from? Doesn’t make sense!download (24)

or this
download (25)

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Monolometrodon: allow me to introduce myself…


Out of all the changes we can do, nerfing the Rarity of Dracoceratops is one of the most pointless, imo. Just keep it at legendary, no need to nerf it.

Dracoceratops is a great bang for your buck dino, and can easily be unlocked via darting Draco 2 and Tricera 2.

It got it from Dracorex G2. It had SIS, so it got SIS.


But why? It’s totally unnecessary.

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There isn’t any rule about two dinos of any rarity fusing to any other rarity, as long as the hybrid’s rarity is higher than either of it’s components. Look at Monolometerodon, Andrewtops, Grypolyth, Indotaurus, Compsocaulus, Scorpius Rex Gen 3, etc. The real important thing is the fusion level - two level 5s make a rare, two level 10s make an epic, two level 15s make a legendary, and two level 20s make a unique.


Yes it does nit matter the rarity of the creatures

Um, I think it’s fine as is

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OP comes in here and says “Fix” Draco, as in completely change it’s rarity. What in the actual tarnation? I’ve never heard such a thing.


lol allow me to introduce monolometrodon

Its literally like tlOph is made with a raRe and cOmMoN So it sHoUld bE aN ePic


If rat gets a rework (if any) I would only adjust its resistances

What components a creature is made of does not mean that it needs to have a certain rarity. The levels are what determines the rarity. 2 level 5s= rare, 2 level 10s= epic, 2 level 15s= legendary, 2 level 20s= unique. The creature rarity has nothing to do with what determines the rarity of a creature. It’s all about the levels.


Well yes, that’s the point. Also, Dracorat is the easiest legendary to get, no reason on this complain.

no ludia doesnt think of players who are busy and cannot find time

I don’t think this game is for them.


This game requires a lot of time. That’s just the type of game it is


and now lvl 25s make an apex I guess

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I know OP is talking about apples and I’m going to talking oranges here but on the subject of “fixing” the RAT, I think D-Rex and Rat should be changed to a pure Resilient including a change of moves, while the uninspiringly named Dracoceratosaurus; and by extension Phorurex; and by further extension Phorusaura; would become Determineds. And before anyone mentions, yes I know that these are not the only creatures that have a different class to their families and there are hybrids that don’t carry over one class from their ancestors; or become Wildcards for no real reason. I’m just talking about D-Rex 2 and her hybrids.

It’s fine as is. Making it epic is pointless. It’s most people’s first legendary and it’s a nice - if limited - little dino. I still use it for it’s Swap-In move.

I think draco should bot be nerfed honestly.

What do you mean by nerf