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Dracoceratops locked-in for 2+ turns

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Bug Description: Swapped-in dracoceratops to kill dino; enemy bought level 30 tryko; He goes first and I used stun; then while 2nd turn it was stunned I used rampage. Now next 3rd turn Dracoceratops is still locked from swap.

Area is was found in: Arena … Lockwood library

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play in arena
Step 2 - Swap to Dracocerapotops and kill enemy
Step 3 - Goes 2nd and stun
Step 3 - Rampage on next turn
Step 4 - 3rd Turn still locked from swapping
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: everytime

What type of device are you using: Samsung Galaxy S10+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Yep, this happens to me too.

Moist excellent to hear mwhahaha


Yeah, the old bug is back, happened to me too

And you know what? I’M GLAD! Hope it stays that way!


Bug or not, the game play needs to be clear, because not matching expectations makes things frustrating.

This happens to me sometimes but not every time I think. Also to add to the bug, the animation shows the ring around the dino showing swap prevented goes away, but I still cannot swap.

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This is a bug I hope they don’t patch.


Hope it stays that way. So many people only rely on that cheap shot.


new bugs + old bugs… sky is the limit for jwa.

by the way, this happened to monostegotops here. :roll_eyes:

Monostegotops? Oh no, this bug needs to be fixed right now!!!

Nah, in actuality I barely ever wanna switch mono out. Once swapped in, it’s there to annoy until it dies.


yep, i dropped monostego here.
the swap in and dig moves didn’t compensate enough that hp/dm nerf. it has to be about 2 levels higher now.

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@Ludia_Developers have you read this?
the bug is still here.

I’ve had the same issue

Yes, and I’m glad again.


Same here . Locked after two turns



Yep had it happen early myself as well

Also happened to me while facing a thor. Killed the first dino on the swap (erli) survived the thor hit and stunned it. Rampage followup and was still locked on the following turn.

Not the first time it’s happened

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and turned to an exploit.

opponents already know this and predicting will happen prepare to beat the other.

@Ned @Jorge @Ludia_Developers
at least tell us you know and it’s in the ENORMOUS jwa to do list.

if you don’t answer here, i will make another topic too.

it’s a bug that turns into an exploit. and it’s not a visual glitch or a lythronax bug. it’s simply a bug with one of the most used dinos of the game for now, and can change a battle result.

if you want, nerf draco. but keep mechanics honest and fix the creature bugs.


Hey AndreMR, the issue was reported to our team.

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triceratops and dracorex2 just joined the team…

exploit extended to tournaments now.

Known bug that they have not fixed. Add it to the list… :frowning:

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