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Dracoceratops - misleading stats


Swap in shattering rampage should be with “Cannot swap 1 turn” … but that is not true it is “2 turns”. (Or I am wrong and do understand turns wrong?)

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No DRACOREX GEN 2 has a two turn lock down. It isn’t so much DRACOREX GEN 2 that has a lock down it’s swap in skill does.

*DRACOCERATOPS * however has always been 2 turn lock down and is still locked down.

Both DRACOREX GEN 2 and *DRACOCERATOPS * ate locked in for 2 turns upon swap.


Pleas check the stats … it is clearly written “Cannot swap 1 turn”.

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Text bug… many ppl mentioned t already …
Also check their patch note …


That’s what I was saying - misleading stats, right? I believe what is written in appklication not a world of mouth.


Well dracocera is locked 2 turn same as drac g2 but dracocera can heal&cleanse turn after it swaps in so effectively can reduce it to 1 turn


Where can I check the official game note with the dinos stats out of application?


Check forum announcement


It always takes a while to work out kinks after update.

Very many apologies for what was written here in error


If you knew many people had been talking about the issue of the ingame stats not clearly stating it is now 2 turn lock down then maybe you should have helped the OP realise that instead of moaning that people don’t search the forum first. You are a prime example of why people often don’t post questions.

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Again speaking of talking before looking I was second post… Doing just that.

I even tried to gently point out that it was dracorex gen 2 not dracoceratops as was named in the title


Speaking of talking before looking, the OP mentioned Dracoceratops in the title because they were talking about Dracoceratops. You my friend are the one that introduced Dracorex Gen 2 into the conversation.


Sorry, but I was looking for titles and found nothing related to Dracoceratops since December 18th 2018.


The Dinosaur afflicted with the mismatched description is dracorex gen 2. To the of its easy to confuse. But dracoceratops has always been described at 2 turn lock down


Yes but currently Dracoceratops shows as 1 turn lock down.


Well hell it does. My apologies I haven’t read his swap in in a while.

I was wrong to assume


Me parece o cambiaron las estadísticas del dracoceratops, ahora su vidas se muy baja y no sirve en combate


In game text is often off… unfortunately , word of mouth tends to be more accurate for this game then the text displayed.

Back during christmas distracting rampage was reading as a 1 turn delay and that didnt go into effect until yesterday.

It could very much read that way for sometime.