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Dracoceratops need a rework, badly!

How can a creature born with the intent of being a swap in bomb have so much hp so much healt and being immune to swap prevention, it’s completely illogical. First of all remove that swap prevention it’s cometely absurd, and if you want to keep those hp change the moves it can break shield remove distraction remove swap prevention and it can’t be killed in one turn! Screenshot_20210316_162519_com.ludia.jw2


Why would they boost its speed?
This is a very smol brain move lol

So that you can’t kill him with a fierce creature

So they can do fierce impact or cleansing impact with speed advantage, so they can pull off a lot of damage before losing there draco.

That’s the “boost it high enough that I can swap it in 3 times” package

Dracoceratops is the single dumbest gameplay element I’ve seen in any game ever and it baffles me that Ludia is choosing to ignore it despite the overwhelming hate for it. Just goes to show how much they care.


Nerfed twice already, I wouldn’t call that being ignored


wouldn’t say there’s overwhelming hate for it…


Just snatch away its SIS

also they want to make creatures fly by boosting it’s speed madly…

Why remove swap prevention?

Cause it supposed to be the way to swap it creatures. Yet almost all swappers have a way to counter that. Ex. Stun to get rid of no escape, cleansing to get rid of lockdown or immune to swap prevention.

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The real problem is that well for one that swap in is ridiculous; and 2 it’s counters aka cunning basically get bodied hard by it.

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Here is my rework

It will become monster then…

Not at all, cunnings hard counter it and many dinosaurs can set up on it, swap in Rend is more balanced than savagery and won’t be that easy to use, it can now be pinned as well. Fierce will do ok but they aren’t meant to counter it.

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they would boost its speed so they can boost damage instead of hp, allowing it to do rend and then kill eveyrhting

I still can’t believe they decided to go back on this route. When this thing received over a year of complaints. Then again maybe it made a lot of revenue. Many just use it unboosted now and it can’t be locked. We definitely need some onescape rampages in this game.

Spinocon has this ability but they decided to make it horrible as a strike so no one has to worry about swapping. When onescape rampage will at least enforce a thought process.

Also, can’t complain about it if you use it :wink:

You would create something even worse than it is now with that speed decrease resistance and Rampage.

Well for one its 50% so kinda of useless unless it slows also which it can’t; rampage just kinda makes sense but can be shielded, dodged, or distracted against