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Dracoceratops or draco gen 2

I am assuming everyone will try and lvl up draco gen 2, but has anyone tried out his hybrid?
Thoughts on each creatures?

I’m working on dracoceratops but at 20 I don’t think he is strong enough for the team…

Don’t get me wrong here, but with the level 19, your team seems to be lacking.

Monimous? Saved me. A couple of times with speed, nullify and evade…

I mean, you got dinos that a Level 16 player would have. May be you have evolved quite a bit number of commons/epics/legendaries(like Apatosaurs, Dieo, Sarco, Monolometrodon) to more than required. You could’ve saved those coins for something big, may be.

Yeah its popular on the forums to consider monomimun unplayable… meanwhile hes still on plenty of teams on the top of the leader board including 1 and 4 spots amehen i post this. Though i wouldnt advise leveling him past 20… he is ripe for a unique.

Back on topic… dracocera seems underwhelming to me…decent kit but his damage needs a buff or he needs ramapage and run. Minimal speed up makes him intresting but i just cant get good performance from him.

Idc at all about either one…

Neither one matter to me

Nobody uses dracoceratops, which has a swap in greater stunning strike. Everyone is using draco’s swap in defence shattering rampage, which is a whole lot better…

So Ludia… I’d like some of whatever you were smoking at the time you overpowered this common. You must have thought, hey. Nobody likes our draco gen 2. Let’s do this, it’ll be funny :smile:

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I just went up against dracoceratops for the first time as part of today’s blue tower. It swapped in for the stun and then was locked for two turns. However it’s very next move was cleanse, which cleared the swap lock, allowing it to swap out a turn early for a dino with swap in bleed.

Pretty sneaky. I wasn’t expecting that.

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