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Dracoceratops or dracoceratosaurus?

I’ve recently unlocked dracoceratosaurus and I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are. I find it strange that the unique is arguably worse than the legendary with a very similar set of moves. Perhaps dracoceratosaurus should have instant charge instead of acute stun. It wouldn’t be op because he’d have to survive 2 hits before it could be used. Might just differentiate the 2 a bit more.

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Dracoceratops. Fierce moves are useful against resilient creatures, and that extra HP allows it to swap into a Maxima TSR and use FI for the win, or even just survive a Trykosaurus rampage+counter.

1 hit, not 2.


Actually it is worst,but if you start level him up,i bet he will get a buff while his brother will get a nerf.


It would depend on the situation. He’s generally used for a swap in hit. If he swaps in, he’d have to survive 2 hits. Less if he manages a takedown.

DC seems better, has better moves.Her unique seems to just be a distracter with slightly better speed a crappy unique.It reminds me of monolophorino and monometrodon with monometrodon being better, its just a unique to unlock and thats it. Also gorgosuchus legendary megalosuchus is crap and gorgosuchus way better and easier to lvl.

Dracoceratops is better thanks to fierce and higher hp, but Dracoceratosaurus is a better investment. Utarinex is very good now when Utahsinoraptor used to be better, but is not not even on par with Utarinex. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dracoceratosaurus was buffed honestly.

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Dracoceratops is better right now for two reasons. For one, it’s fierce moves are better in the current meta. But that’s situational, so I wouldn’t call that an advantage all the time. However, it’s stats are MUCH better than Dracoceratosaurus. Dracoceratosaurus has only 100 more damage and 2 more speed than Dracoceratops, but Dracoceratops has 900 more health! This is important, because health is arguably the most important stat for these swap-in dinos.

Now they could improve Dracoceratosaurus by making it more like Dracoceratops - giving it a fierce move and more HP. But I would rather they go all-out on making it a true cunning creature instead by increasing it’s speed. 117 isn’t very fast, so having it be in the high 120s instead could make it a swap-in cunning glass cannon that actually outspeeds it’s opponent and gets to land the first hit. But they can leave the HP low to make it more fragile in return. So not copying Dracoceratops, but being strong in a different way.


I would go for dracoceratops cuz it can survive better, swap out and repeat the savagery move.

It would be good if it had a rampage move? Maybe a Fierce Rampage. I suggest we switch the moveset a little. It could be:

Health: 4100
Speed: 118
Armor: 0%
Damage: 1600
Crit: 5%

Cleansing Strike
Cunning Impact
Fierce Rampage
Instant Charge

Swap-In Savagery


Swap Prevention: 100%

Could be good to face off its mother with, don’t you think?

No creature should have cunning ,fierce or resilient together.

I don’t think it deserves to be that good. Otherwise it’ll just be an alternate fierce Utarinex, that also happens to have an SIA that can deal 2000+ damage in some situations.

As it’s a cunning creature, its swap-in makes no sense unless it can take a hit or two from a chomper. I would say increase HP and speed a little, and it would be viable.

Hmm. I’ll admit, the Instant Charge was inspired by Utahrinex.

What if it had a Cunning Rampage, Fierce Strike, and kept Cleansing Impact and Acute Stun? And Instead of SI-Savagery, it would have an SI-Cunning Strike? Maybe either that or a SI-Acute Stun, to guarantee a safe switch in (unless the enemy is highly resistant or immune to stun). It would still keep the Acute Stun to try and stall out the 2 turn lockdown it has.

So it could be:

Fierce Strike
Cleansing Impact
Cunning Rampage
Acute Stun

Swap-In Cunning Strike


Cunning Strike
Cleansing Impact
Cunning Rampage
Acute Stun

Swap-In Acute Stun (CD: 2 turns)

Both sets would still be immune to Swap Prevention. To be perfectly honest, I can see it doing SI-Headbutt if one wanted to stun while still attacking. I only say that because of the Pachy model it has. Nice to see Pachy models have a headbutting move.

Perhaps part of the problem is how many resilent creatures there are. Really, this thing might be useful in a niche situation such as: <40% Maxima HP remains and you know that a damage reduced Thor and Indominus Rex are all the opponent has on-deck. In this niche situation, it could prove useful, but fierce creatures are not who currently rule the arena. Maybe once M-Rex is more common?

DC imo seems better has better moves her unique more for distracting.