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Dracoceratops sometimes only dealing 0.2 hp damage on swap-in

I have in arena battles experienced that Draco only deals about 0.2 damage on swap-in. Against quetzorion and indo Rex.

Indo Rex was a very boosted creature (6000+HP), but only dealt 1200 damage. It was not cloaked.
Could it be that it calculates damage from base stats?

Anyone else? Or have I missed a change in Draco’s attacks in v 2.0.

Rend resistance

Some dinos now have rend resistance. ( imo is dumb ) but yes indom is one of them so draco will only deal .2 damage to it every swap in . I havnt learned which other have rend resistance but I check everytime now before a swap in

Of course. I need to learn a few new things after this update… It makes the swap-in less effective. Which is both good and bad.

Thanks for reply.