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Dracoceratops Story/Sorna Marshes


I’m posting this to share my experience with Dracoceratops and wondering if anyone else has anything similar. To start, I should say that I more or less dropped around 500 trophies without winning a single match, with most of the battles having a Dracoceratops take out one or more dinosaurs without any way to prepare for them being sent out, which is highly frustrating to me. Likewise, I have little means of obtaining one as few are willing to share the coveted Dracorex Gen 2 DNA, and even if they did, I wouldn’t be able to get it to a high level simply due to not living in the right area. Conversely, those who live in the area with Dracorex have no issue getting large amount of Triceratops DNA due to alliance events, which seems inherently unfair.

More or less, I seem to be stuck in Sorna Marshes hoping to get enough battles in a row where the opponent doesn’t have a high level Dracoceratops, as it’s highly unlikely you can take one out in one turn, before they heal and swap out to a second dinosaur, deal enough damage to get yours below 2000 health, and then swapping back in with a Dracoceratops to take a second of the three required takedowns.

Completely unrelated, and most of the time not ensuring a loss, I seem to be somewhat consistently encountering weirdly high level dinosaurs as of late. Like sometimes up to level 25, and most being 20-23, whereas previously, they tended to be around 16-19. Is anyone else experiencing these situations?


You’re in marshes. The opponents there are all lvl 20 legendaries and above. Unless you get matched with peeps in lockdown.(yes it does happen look at your previous opponent list.) sometimes when there’s not enough players around your arena you’ll get matched by those in a lower tier. I would say it’s a +/- 500 trophies which could result in a vastly different match.


I don’t quite know what you can or cannot effectively farm.

But, you can use these dinosaurs to mitigate or counter the Dracoce-Rat-OP-s devastation:

Diplocaulus Gen 2, Edmontoguanodon, Postdimetrodon, Kaprosuchus, Utahsinoraptor, Spinotasuchus, Rajakylosaurus, Gigaspikasaurus


If your not willing to locate a local 2 that is close to you… zones are pretty small in my experience. You might wanna take a hard look at this game and if its right for you. If figuring out where you closest local 2 is and going their for a common is to much work… end game dinos that require zone specific epic dna might be to much.

I live out in the middle of nowhere… farther i have to travel is about 4 miles to enter a local 4. You need to find out where einosaurs spawn close to you and focus your efforts that.

Im not being a jerk… fielding an end game team requires epics from every local except zone 4 and you will need to hunt in l1, l2, l3 and parks to field a decent team.

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I was saying the same thing a few weeks back. I could not get enough of Draco gen 2, but it can be found in area 2 on the map. Explore there… like the other post says… They can show up decently even trying your luck at using scents in area 2. I have lvl 17 draco now I don’t use… have it benched. I’m also in marshes I see dc level 17-24 around there. I noticed a few give up the match when Thor ripped dracoceratops in half xD


Interestingly enough, I do live right around a spot where I believe that three zones intersect, and if not, two zones intersect. I’m not unwilling to travel a distance to play, but I haven’t been able to find any zone 2 areas anywhere nearby… I’ll definitely keep looking though.

I guess my issue with what I’ve experienced recently is that it almost seems like Dracoceratops is a requirement to progress at this point, whereas you could previously have built a team using any combination of dinosaurs you could feasibly get in or around where you lived, in combination with trading and incubators. Until you get into the really high ranks, it seemed as though there wasn’t previously a bottleneck on which specific dinosaurs you have to use.


Recently I found dracoceratops has the greatest threat if being pulled out as a last resort and lock down a win. If they send draco in too early it’s not a problem at all. I have had a player being able to pull off draco 3 times in a row against my team and I still win.

My suggestion is using a dino that can set up (such as gorgosuchus, tryostonix) or a dino that can do a lot of damage (Rex, Allosino, Thor) against dracoceratops, so when they swap out, you can punish them by laying huge amount of damage to the dino the opponent sends in. Also keep track of their dino and hp, if they had a low hp dino in the bag, always do your basic attack to finish it and save big attacks to the next dino the opponent sends in.


Whenever I faced a opponent with Dracoceratops, they used it to kill my first dino I sent out (which us usually almost dead anyways). Now, thanks to the previous holiday event I was able to create Erlidomimus, which is probably the best Dracoceratops counter. The Dracoceratops’s I usually fight are between the levels 16-24. I, like you, also dropped a ton due to the rat and other unforseen occurrences (not hitting through cloak, bad dino hand ect.), I dropped from 3.5k to 2.3k and I’m working my way back.


Honestly sorna is where the bottlenecks starts… and recent events havent really helped it…what now is ruins used to be what we called upper sorna and where you started seeing the first indos.

Events like st pattys day has made the time you first start seeing uniques and legendaries earlier then that though. So the time you need to start focusing your team becomes sooner. I dont think dracocera is something you have to have. But you have to play around it… my best advice is to put all this sino from alliance events into thor. When you have the capability to one shot an early dracocera and set up for a thor rampage on next in… thats a goos place to be.


It’s +/- 450 trophies to be exact!


I actually managed to grab Thoradolosaur from that event, but he’s not been terribly helpful for me purely because of my luck. You have to get a critical hit at the level he’s at now to 1 shot the Dracoceratops, and I haven’t been able to pull that off, if I draw him at all, but I understand that that’s entirely up to luck. Thanks for the advice!


Even if you dont one shot draco… your still set up with a rampage for whatever he swaps into. When a draco survives my impact i almost always rampage. Draco alot of people use draco like a crutch and would rather let a full health dino take a rampage then just letting draco die. And you also now know they have draco and can play around it.

I had a match last week where it was tied 2-2 i had a rinex with 1k health out and they had a full health thor. I also knew they had a dracocera with 200 hps… but they did not know i had a full health dracocera. All they had to do was impact with thor and they would have won… best i could do is swap into thor but even with a crit i wouldnt have killed. I swapped hoping theyd go for the easy win… they did… my draco ate the swap in dsr and then finished off their draco with its own sia.

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