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Dracoceratops swap bug

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Bug Description: after swap in on the draco after using stun, then rampage it says i still have to wait another turn to swap. thats 3 turns.

Area is was found in: pvp lockwood library

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- swap in dracoceratops
Step 2 - use acute stun
Step 3 - use rampage
Step 4 - bug occurs. says “unable to swap for 1 more turn”
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: 3 consecutive battles

What type of device are you using: Apple

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I also happen to me… Like a lot of the time

This has also been happening to me. It happens every time I swap him in.

Same. It’s held down for 3 more often than not

It happens to me with Sinoceratops too, if useful.

Sounds like Ludia have finally listened to the community!

Good work guys :rofl:


Yeah, I‘m having this too in the tournament.

But tbh, I love it. The first time I faced this bug was when my opponent had the rat and couldn‘t swap out. First I thought, he‘d made a mistake and I destroyed it which lead to a rage quit of my opponent and leaving me confused.

Later, when I had the rat and wanted to swap out, the button was blocked even tho the circle of being pinned down disappeared.

But I wasn‘t angry. Really enjoyed it and still do. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


When I read this post I had an image flash in my head of rat scurrying around the arena panicking looking for a way out after its escape fails lol.

Honestly cleanse should NEVER have allowed the lock in to be removed, the lock in is what was supposed to “balance” the massive swap in damage.

Sadly given it’s a bug affecting rat, I think it will probably get fixed in record time.

You dont bug the boost mascot!

However Lydia if you feel its warranted to let this bug happen all the time and delay its fixing indefinitely like alliance chat, we will understand, after all you know best :wink:


They will come to work on Sunday for the rat mascots :joy: Only for dracoRAT and proceRAT.

Jokes aside this is how it should be tbh. It shouldn’t just escape so willingly. But Ludia has the numbers and the mascot boost sale numbers are high!


Procerat been handing out mass amounts of boost Pamphlets lol

Bug is still active… it’d be one thing if the move description said otherwise and it was an announced change to DC, but as things are, this is a bug.

easy solution, dont use the rat ahahaha


You could always ask one of the mods or someone associated with Ludia.

On second thoughts, I think they’re all on a weekend off so perhaps not worth it.

Hey Sgtpenguin08, our team is looking into this issue.

Let’s hope that’s not a bug and they implement that in the game


I’m not saying I like the rat. I use it cause I have to to be competitive. I would love to throw in a stigydarox or something instead but I was just trying to make a bug known. If they nerfed it to the ground I would be happy lol. And thank you support

Now, it is also happening with my Thylacotater.

  1. Swap in distraction.
  2. Lethal wound.
  3. Rending takedown.
    Still unable to swap after this turn.