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Dracoceratop's swap in savergery

There is some mistake with this swap atack becouse it’s base on max hp of enemy but its not calculate at max hp enemy now but on max hp which this creature have at current level. If someone use hp buster, savergery atack will be smaller than 40 percent of HP. At higher arenas creatures like dracoceratops are useless.

Swap in savagery is a rend.
Doesn’t work well on those with rend resistance

Yup creature like Magna and Orion have 50% rend resistance so DC only does 20% rend damage on those.

And monolometrodon has a 75% resistance, so it’s only doing 420 to it at base hp

swap in savagery doesnt break shields or pierce armour. nevertheless it is a rending attack and so creatures with rend resistance will take lesser damage

I’ve had 3 different opponents swap draco in on magna and zorion today.

If your gonna run draco know what it’s good to swap in against and what not to.

It’s best used against stuff like Max and Gem who have who have high health no armor and no rend resistance.

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Shhh, let them misuse their rats


I’ve actually swapped DC in on Magna before when I know it won’t kill it because it fitted my strategy. Never assume people don’t know what they are doing.

Why dont people just read the description of what the ability does. Is that so hard?

When someone’s strategy lets them lose 3-1 despite having a level advantage I will assume they didn’t know what their doing.

I should have clarified they were all wins for me cause they sacrificed their dracos to deal like 500 damage.

One match in particular my opponent would have been better off just bringing draco out without the swap and the cleanse impact could have killed magna but they choose to start a full health Dino and swap for like 500 damage instead.

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