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Dracoceratops unable to swap after 2 turns

Bug Description:
If, for example, you use:

  • Acute stun
  • Rampage
    and cannot-swap-turns should have passed, you still cannot swap, you still see the “cannot swap for 1 turn” sign. Meaning without cleansing, he is stuck there for 3 turns.

Area is was found in: Battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Swap in with Dracoceratops
Step 2 - Use acute stun
Step 3 - Use ramplage
Step 4 - try to swap out (doesn’t let you, shows you the 1 turn until able to swap sign

How often does it happen:
As far as my observations goes, it is reproduced every time.

What type of device are you using:
Nokia 7 plus, Android 9


Is he faster?
If he is slower, he probably doesn’t attack first, meaning he gets an extra turn to stay locked down. :thinking:

That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, whether its faster or slower.

Its not being pinned or locked down by another creature. It is being bound by its swap in ability. In this case for two turns. It has nothing to do with speed in this case, its a question of, has the creature fulfilled the entire two rounds of being bound by its SIA, or had the binding cleansed.

Individual speed doesn’t affect a SIA bind. That third turn, no matter who’s faster or slower it should be able to swap out with zero problems at that point.

This is def a bug I’ve seen but it isn’t consistent. Sometimes I can swap after 2 turns (without a cleanse) and sometimes I cannot.

Last time I checked, pinning doesnt leave mid turn.

Well you cannot swap out mid turn either, unless it’s a hit/regenerate and run move, which Draco does not have.

So what does that have to do with the pinned for 3 turns?

I’m not struggling.
You should see the answer clearly.
If your a big jwa player, you would know there are a bunch of bugs.

Its just a bug that didnt need a topic

What is the “Bug reports” sub-forum used for then, if not for bugs?


Really? Because your initial post indicated that you clearly have no idea how SIA binding works :joy::joy::joy:

I never said there weren’t bugs.

I’m laughing at you for being so wrong and then trying to defend it :smiley:

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Ok, let me clarify, because it seems you didn’t understand or didn’t read the OP.

Dracoceratops should be bound for two turns. Turn 1 it says 2 turns left. Turn 2 it says 1 turn left. Sometimes, on Turn 3 it still says 1 turn left and you cannot swap. No, no lockdown moves are involved.

To help support, as far as my experience goes:
-It only happens after Acute Stun —> Rampage
-It doesn’t happen in friendly matches

So, to reproduce the bug:
-Start Arena match until you draw Dracoceratops.
-Swap in Dracoceratops
-First turn, use Acute Stun
-Second turn, use Rampage
-Still bound on turn 3

This has definitely happened to me. And dont try and say anything about speed either, since the dinos I usually am facing are allosino or utasino. Allosino has 106 speed and utasino has 126. Draco is 109. So uta is faster, but Allo is slower. I’ve also had it happen with indom and Indo, though I usually get out of there with indom, I will usually try and hit the Indo once. I manually swap in and am not swapping via any and run ability, meaning I go first.
My alliance have also reported the bug. It is completely random when it does and does not happen, but inevitably when it does it either makes a simple match much harder or flat out causes me to lose, since very few dinos can’t kill dracoceratops’ HP in two uninterrupted turns.

Lock down for 3 turns on DC? Sure, sounds great! i approve.


Well I have tested this almost over 100 times now and I can bet there is an bug. If u use stun in first or second move then u have to play 3 turns as it will not let u swap. Unfortunately we will need something to be done with this. Till then stun is an cancer for Draco. Unless u use Regen u can’t swap out

Could it be :

They count a “turn” by having at least a Dino attack another ?

So if you use acute stun, neither of you have attacked, so the system fails to count that as a turn ?

However, does it reproduce if you use acute stun after rampage ? If it doesn’t happen in this case then my theory is busted…

Its tied to acute stun from what I can gather… and is most likely a bug… if your draco is slower and you use acute stun your still bound an extra turn and you were attacked that round so kinda defeats the one dino has to attack to be counted as a turn theory.

kind of like ic is a priority move and if other dino is faster even if you hit stun they go next so its like you lose a move.

Well of course someone has to complain since all people use is draco. Swap in, kill, swap out, repeat. Pathetic.

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Someone called draco users pathetic, now that’s new… It’s a first! Thanks for the insight!
If they nerf her -> they nerf, completely fine with that. If they give her certain abilities, they should work. That’s it. Not going to feel bad for playing the game as it is, neither for reporting a bug in a Bug reports subforum.
P.S. by definition you won’t have her in your team 50% of the time, so no, “all people use is draco” is false from the get go.


It’s not false, you just clearly don’t play enough. And a lot of the time they quit when their Draco is killed. I went up against someone who had a 27 draco and had 1 unique- level 21 Indoraptor, which was their next best creature, and somehow he got to 4750. Also if you read what I said correctly, I said the strategy is pathetic. Grab a book sometime.