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Dracoceratops unable to swap after 2 turns

I am clearly referencing the fact that 4 out of 8 dinos are randomly selected for your team, hence why Draco users won’t have her in their team approximately 50% of the time. How about you try to read a book, before recommending it to others? Your one word sentence “Patheric” might just as easily reference “someone” from your first sentence, and not the strategy.

And since personal experience is supposed to be evidence, I regularly play at 4500 - 4600 and not 1 time have I seen someone having their second strongest and only unique be at lvl 21 (Draco user or not), unless they were deranking.

There are a million threads for Draco hate for you to whine in, yet you’ve chosen a bug report to do so. Good job.

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I do respond to the other threads.

I also read. But as long as draco has regen quit complaining

This is not only with DC but also other lock swap in dinos like dioraja and stygidarix it has also happened to me

Is it a bug?

  • It’s a bug.
    Is this place for bug reports?
  • It is.

So you are the one who should stop telling people to not “complain” about bugs. Say they nerf the swap-in DSR but not address the acute stun bug. Instead of being now at a more balanced place, it will just be a buggy dinosaur.

Yeah but you don’t know it’s a bug. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t complain about bugs, but draco is too powerful already. Give it impact and run instead of regen and it won’t be as cheap.

I’ve detailed description of actual behaviour vs expected behaviour based on the given ability descriptions. I’ve given steps to reproduce and I have very recently confirmed it still happens. So yes, I do know it’s a bug.

You know what fine. I see what you mean, but if they do this give it impact and run

I have saved the following screen shots. This bug is not repeatable every time…I use Dracoceratops quite frequently and this happens about 1/10 times. While it is not repeatable every time it is SUPER frustrating when it does happen.


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Sorry the last pic was for something else…the first three clearly show that I have used 2 moved and still have 1 turn of not being able to swap

Secret DC Nerf Detected

I managed to get a screenshot too.