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Dracoceratops: Unable to Swap Bug - Locked for 3 Turns

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Bug Description: Draco cannot swap after 2nd turn when fighting Tryko

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Swap in Draco
Step 2 - Take your two turns
Step 3 - Die a horrible death because you are stuck for a third turn.

How often does it happen: Every time that I have seen

What type of device are you using: Android S8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Swapped in Draco to finish off their dino. They brought in Tryko who used Instant Distraction. Draco uses Acute Stun. They do not get turn Draco uses Rampage. Go to switch but it is locked for an additional turn.

Hey, I am all for killing the rat, and if you want to lock him for 3 that’s just fine with me, but that’s not the description.

Good bug. I think this is the only useful bug. Btw its a very old bug.


I noticed this too today and it was actually fixed a while back but has since returned.

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Finally something really positive with this update


Plot twist, the developer hates DC too, so he coded it like that on purpose.


Is it? Funny, have not seen it before. Is it inconsistent or is it repeatable, do you know?

Yep, had the rat off my team for a while before and after the update. Just put it back on while I decide what to level up and boost. Not wasting any boosts on the evil little demon…

I believe it is inconsistent, I run into it here and there.

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Well, one more reason to ditch the rat I guess :slight_smile:

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Yup definitely :+1::purple_heart:

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I believe it is very consistent. I’ve tested it out and every time you stun, then rampage you are still locked. Every single time.

Now they definitely fixed this bug once before, but hey this is Ludia, of course the bug is back.

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I’m in a battle as we speak where the opponent used stun then rampage. He then promptly switched out. So I guess it’s still not 100% certain that they’ll be locked in (more is the pity).

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It used to be okay in 1.9, but since 1.10 dropped I have had this problem again as well

Honestly it should be this way like for that crazy move that it’s has for free it shouldn’t be able to be like okay Imma head out each time you swap it in.

Yeah, just played this match-up again and he was locked 3 turns again.

Hi @Ned, can you forward this bug to the developers? Seems like there are 2 bugs going on with draco since update 1.10: first its the bug were draco cant swap out after 2 turns and second, some players have experienced that draco can immediately swap out after swapping in (no swap out lock).

Hey Sherwin, it has been forwarded, thank you!

Also having this problem, but it also sporadically occurs with Monostegotops.