Dracoceratops vs Indo 2

I swapped for Draco vs Indo 2.
So he received strike twice. (one after swap, one the next turn)
My next attack (in my first turn) did no damage (0).
Can someone explain?

Cs distracts. If you swap something in and indo uses cs for that turn and the next, the distraction from the first turn is still there because it doesn’t count as a turn… I think


This is something I don’t agree with.
I mean, I agree with you, but I don’t like this mechanics. I already lost my attack and now I “lost the turn” as well?

You don’t exactly LOSE a turn. Swapping something in and then your target attacking the swapped in creature counts as the turn before

Basically for example you have an allo against indo. You swap to dc, deal damage, then indo does cs. That’s 1 turn. Next turn, indo does cs and it double distracts

Also may I see your team? Dc isn’t exactly good right now

It’s not, but I invested too much.

I know, I don’t lose TURN, but in this meaning, yes.
The question is, how the TURN counts. Is it current “couple of moves” or one move and the next one (no matter what the order is).
Not sure, how to show my team, it’s
Draco, Indo, Indo2, Erlidominus, Phorusaura,Paramoloch, Thoradolosaur, Tryostronix

Ok here’s a situation

Allo: brought in manually
Indo: brought in manually
Allo: instant swap to dc

Turn 1

Dc:double distract

Turn 2

You don’t lose a turn because swap counts as 1 turn

Also you can screenshot your team

IndoG2 used Evasive stance (Gain 50% chance to dodge direct damage for 3 turns.)

You chose to swap (priority, goes first)
DC comes in delivers Swap in Savagery and deals damage (ends your turn)

Indo G2 executes Evasive stance, ends round

Indo G2 goes first, strikes with Cautious strike, delivers 1x damage, distracts DC and gains dodge,

DC delivers Rampage but IndoG2 has ES and dodges all your damage.
Does that make sense?

I’m 99% sure, he didn’t use Evasive stance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t swap for (it’s 75% BTW) 15% damage.

Again. The Question is, the definition of the Turn, and effectiveness of the move…

Since you swapped draco in, the received 50% distraction from cautious strike stays until the next turn because you went first by swapping the rat in. If the enemy now goes for cautious strike again, it gets a double distraction, because you still have a distraction from the last round. Since distraction can be doubled, you now have 100% distraction, meaning you deal absolutely no damage.

Wait, so every ability (1 turn), used by going 2nd, lasts the whole next turn?
I know, distraction can be doubled, but only 2 turn-distraction I’ve thought…

Yes, unless it’s something like long defensive strike (1 damage, 2 turn shield), then it’ll last for the next 2 turns.

I’m quite sure, Para’s schield (used going 2nd), for 1 turn, disappears during the next turn.
Edit: Not true

intended, but unfortunately it’s just one more example of “another day, another doug” for indo2 power.