Dracoceratops: 😢

A lot of people hate Dracoceratops because of its SI-R
but now it has swap-in savagery
so why do people still hate it?
some dinos can do same turn 1 damage


I think many players look at him as.being sneaky, that moment when you’re about to do a takedown of your opponents Dino , & they swap & instead it’s your Dino that bites the dust , I know I’m not the only player that rages when that happens, victory snatched from you , & generally that’s why he’s hated sooo much . Lol


Yeah it’s mostly that you can’t predict when swap in damage will be used. There’s not really any counterplay. It just happens, and you have to deal with it. I don’t find Dracoceratops any more or less annoying than Monolorhino, Monostegotops, Woolly Rhino, etc.


‘Cause he’s a sucker puncher…doesn’t have the guts to face his opponent face to face. Rat!


I hate it because its so cheap. Its a cheap and dirty move and you can never predict it. Plus uts easy to make and level up


Because it’s cheap.


I never actually hated It(yeah, even in the si-DSR era)
I didn’t care that It was sneaky, sneaky is also part of the game for me, so i just kinda accepted It :man_shrugging:
Tho i did like to call It rat, It has a great design but the sound, swap in and size fit quite well with that name lol
But even If i didn’t care too much i do agree that in the past this kind of swap in was kind of unfair as there was no clear counter, with swap in savagery and rend resistances speedsters are no longer vulnerable so i think it’s fair

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hating draco for his swap is like hating phoru for his instant rampage or hating lania or nemys for their armor and even a more concrete example, hating monolorhino for his swap. is that which makes it stand out and makes it good. a lot of people are annoyed that they lose for that swap that I understand, but it does not justify that they ask for a nerf, I do not see anyone criticizing because magna can nullifyng.

It’s fine like this, the people who complained that he regenerated health and had rampage, they took away the rampage and the power to regenerate health and gave him 2 hits and still people want a nerf. it is a legendary nor can it be useless or lower its quality


The only nerf I might give it is a small health nerf. It’s currently a little too easy for Dracoceratops to swap in, take a hit and cleanse, and get out (especially since it’s immune to swap prevention). And it doesn’t even have a terrible attack stat if it does choose to stay in. Even so, it doesn’t feel op right now, so it doesn’t need any changes (at least not as much as some other dinos do).


a little less health would be fine, but removing its SiS would be stupid, it is fierce and can legitimately.


DC is cheap trick, fierce that can cleanse distraction (sad cunning noises) and immune to swap (why), and yess too much health


That duplicator just says, huh. I’m literally the counterattacker. That’s what I’m for

I’m sorry, what are you trying to say? I don’t understand.

diploventator, speel check got me.

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Lol I see it now. Yeah counter attackers help.

not even for a little bit?

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Why do people still hate it? probably due to the fact that the Ridiculously Aggravating Tactic (R.A.T) single handedly sucked the fun out of countless matches in the past and has left a strong (and imo justified) stigma :thinking:


The Rategy is still pretty prevalent, but it’s not as bad know that draco can’t heal

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Nah, not really. I won’t deny that It’s annoying, It does annoy me from time to time, but that’s the closest i got to hating It :laughing:

Oh they took away its heal? interesting…a certain boost mascot must not have met its boost sales quota :smirk:

As for me personally, there are very few things in games that made me legit angry, most things that would be frustrating I would just generally sigh and move on, but the list is as follows -

  1. Rat (because a swap in move that you couldn’t see coming and had no counter because it was defense shattering at the time felt extremely unfair added with boosts, and felt very cheap)
  2. Rogues stunlocking you in the early days of WoW back when there was no diminishing returns on stuns, so they could kill even plate wearers (save maybe Paladins) before you could regain control of your character.
  3. Purlovias and Drop Kitties in ARK just from beneath the ground and from trees dismounting you and making you plummet to your death or into a bunch dinosaurs.

Oh and also those damn thieving seagulls on the beaches of ARK stealing whole stacks of important things and blueprints!